Clay Siegall discusses implications of widening the therapeutic window

All drugs have what’s known as a therapeutic window. This is the quantity of drugs that can be safely administered to the patient that will also be concentrated enough to have notable therapeutic effects. Ideally, the maximum effect should be sought for the drugs. However, getting the maximum desired effect often involves dosages that are unsafe for the majority of patients. This is the upper limit of the therapeutic window. It is the point beyond which more of the drug cannot safely be administered, due to dangerous accumulations in the bloodstream.

Many drugs that are commonly used to treat illnesses and symptoms in ambulatory patients have a very wide therapeutic window. Notable therapeutic effects of the drugs begin almost immediately, with small quantities of the drug being ingested or administered intravenously. The drug can also be safely given in a very wide range of quantities. This allows for the patient to have available a large reserve of therapeutic effects, should they be needed. Examples of drugs with a large therapeutic window are those such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, statins, blood pressure medication and even cannabis, which may have, perhaps, the largest therapeutic window of any known drug today.

However, in the hospital setting, many of the drugs that are given to patients have a much narrower therapeutic window. These drugs are typically quite dangerous and cannot be administered without the close supervision of an attending physician or anesthesiologist. Examples of drugs with a very small therapeutic window are those such as Propofol, morphine and chemotherapeutic agents. What this means is that, should these drugs be given in even slightly excessive amounts, the risk of the patient overdosing and dying is extremely high.

This has long been a problem with all chemotherapeutic agents. The therapeutic window has been extremely narrow. Although chemotherapy is a highly effective form of cancer treatment, the amount that can be given to patients at one time is strictly limited by the highly toxic effects of the drug.

With antibody drug conjugates, Clay Siegall has devised a new form of chemotherapy, with a therapeutic window orders of magnitude wider than any class of chemotherapies that have come before.

Aloha Construction: We Love the Children

Weather conditions are always unpredictable and catastrophic. For instance, floods can damage your sidings or storms can damage your roof top. Furthermore, wear and tear are unavoidable. When you need somebody to repair your home, you should call Aloha construction. It’s a family company serving Northwest of Chicago land, Illinois, and southern Wisconsin. The owner of Aloha construction is Dave Farbaky, who is popular for his DFF (Dave Farbaky Foundation).


The company was established by a man who is humble who values charity much more than the profits acquired. Dave Farbaky is always giving back to the community in different ways and he’s hoping to inspire and build the coming generation with virtues that money can’t. The company offers the best services that are able to score A+ rating and still get positive reviews from clients.


The company has had more than 18,00 projects that are finished and has a workmanship warranty of ten years. It offers services to both homeowners and contractors. The employees of Aloha construction know how to deal with the customers; they must attend training before they start working for Aloha, this makes them professionals. The Aloha Construction company is convenient and reliable.


Aloha Construction partnered with Lake Zurich (Learning Express Toys) to start a shopping spree meant for local children who are needy. The children who took part in this event were Omni-Youth Services members, a charity that is focused on providing advancement opportunities and educational support for young adults, adolescents, and children.


The Aloha Restoration, Aloha Construction charitable branch, and DFF led the event as the point of launching for its charity events that were coming. David Farbaky, founder of the Aloha Constructions and DFF, has been Lake County Community active member, contributing to the children’s treatment with Spine Bifida Occulta plus different cancer treatment centers.

OSI Industries In The Industry

For those unaware, Earth remains a breeding ground for both life and death. To expound further, Earth contains both a predator and a prey. As a result, a fluctuation of food sources remain in the ecosystem. Moreover, these ecosystems remain contaminated with harmful and deadly bacteria. In recent years, humankind had remained the recipient of deadly bacterial diseases. Therefore, millions of people have died. In particular, diseases such as Ebola and Listeria remain some of the most harmful diseases. Although Ebola remained discovered in the 1970s, the virus has recently experienced a resurgence. As a result, the virus claimed the lives of thousands of people by contaminating their food sources.

Moreover, Listeria also remains a deadly virus that has killed thousands of people. As a result, several countries around the world have taken numerous precautions to ensure the well being of their citizens. Thanks to their efforts, several businesses and organizations have followed suit. With that being said, OSI Industries remain prominent fixture in the food industry. This remains attributed to the company’s state-of-the-art facilities and award winning food preparation techniques. For over one hundred years, the company has remained successful due to its reputation of safely preparing food. Initially, the company remained headquartered in the Chicago area of Illinois.

However, things would change once the company grew both in size and in profit. By 1928, the company expanded into the wholesale meat market. With that being said, the company became notorious with other companies such as McDonald’s. In fact, McDonald’s appointed OSI Industries as one of its primary meat suppliers. This remains remarkable due to McDonald’s previously having hundreds of meat suppliers. In recent news, the company purchased a Tyson food plant in Chicago and Baho Food. As a result, the acquisitions boosted the profile of OSI Industries.

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For more than two decades, Matthew Autterson has successfully been doing business in Denver. His specialty is finance, accounting, and investment services. Matthew started his career after graduating from Buena Vista University. He pursued a degree in accounting and a minor in finance. Matthew has capitalized in managing assets, funds, equities, bonds and other aspects of the finance field.

Matthew Autterson’s Career

Presently, Mr. Matthew Autterson works as a principal advisor at Wealth Management. He helps customers in achieving their financial objectives via investment. He is a co-founder of this organization. Before he joined WIN, he was an investment manager in Minneapolis. He was the VP of an investment worth 750 million dollars.

Other areas Matthew has worked are American Express, Royal Alliance and lecturing at North Iowa Community College. Every place Mr. Autterson worked he made a significant impact. All clients are important to him and he attends to them personally. He takes time to understand their investment portfolios. Matthew advises them on what to do and how to invest wisely.

According to Mr. Autterson, all clients are different. They have diverse needs and objectives. Due to this reason, he takes time to formulate a suitable solution for each customer. Unending consultation services accompany this approach. If a client has inquiries or concerns, Mr. Autterson is available to help. A good customer relationship is valuable because it cultivates loyalty between clients and their consultants.

Achievements of Matthew Autterson

Not all individual investors are knowledgeable in the finance sector. Most of them are interested in investing in areas that will thrive and give returns. No one wants to commit their life savings in a pyramid scheme or another bogus arrangement. It is the reason why Mr. Autterson has dedicated his life to protecting it from making financial mistakes.

Matthew Autterson’s profession empowers people and investors to achieve particular goals with their finances. Apart from individual investors, Mr. Autterson works with organizations in insurance and real estate among others. Matthew is inspired to continue impacting people through his career. He would like to improve individuals and institutions through his exceptional skills.

Matthew is also mentoring other people within his working environment. He would like other upcoming financial advisor to learn what he knows. Since he has been doing his work for long, young professionals can borrow a leaf from his practices. A successful career in financial or fund management cannot be easily achieved with only professional qualifications. Mentors are important because they teach the realistic business environment. Matthew Autterson is glad to share his skills and experience with others.

Dr. Akhil Reddy – An Insight into a Bustling Dental Career

Like any other child, Dr. Akhil Reddy had an idea of what he wanted to be when he grew up. Today he recounts the story of how he grew up and achieved his dream of becoming a dentist – in fact, one of the best dentists in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Akhil Reddy’s Early Life

Young Akhil Reddy was born in Lubbock, Texas. He describes himself as an ordinary kid who led an active lifestyle. He was good at his studies and was active in extra-curriculum activities such as scouting and soccer. Most importantly, however, he was an active member of the Red Cross Society inspired by his passion to help others.His passion to help others, coupled with his love for practical activities, inspired him to venture into one of two occupations: engineering or dentistry. Today, he is recognized as one of the best dentists in Dallas, Texas.

Education Background

Dr. Akhil Reddy was always a bright student. To this end, the University of the Pacific accepted the young Reddy into its Accelerated Dental Program when he was considerably younger than his peers. He quickly earned a B.S. in Biological Sciences, and by the time he turned 23 he had already earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and an honors in the field.

Present Occupation

Presently, Dr. Akhil Reddy is an accomplished dentist based in Dallas, Texas. He moved to the city shortly after graduating from the University of the Pacific. His practice has grown steadily since then, and he now serves a broad range of patients at all levels of dental care. He is also a consultant, but he spends most of his time practicing dentistry.Dr. Akhil Reddy is also a member of MB2 Dental Solutions. His reputation in Dallas, as well as his honorable credentials in the practice, has earned him an influential position in the organization.

What is MB2 Dental Solutions?

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization of dentists that partners with affiliated practice owners and dentists throughout the U.S. It is founded on the premise that dentists offer better services when they are a part of a strong and reputable affiliation. To this end, it is considered instrumental in the success and reputation of dentists across the U.S., and its popularity has been growing steadily.MB2 Dental Solutions provides a team of professionals who help its affiliates run every aspect of their practices while maintaining 100% clinical autonomy. It has over 80 affiliated locations across 6 states in the country.

Keeping Fugitives Behind Bars Using Securus Technologies

Whenever an inmate escapes a prison, whether maximum security or not, my team of fugitive hunters must create a perimeter and get them back into custody fast. Regardless the reason the inmate was arrested, out on the street they behave like wild animals because they desperately need to find shelter, food, weapons, transportation, and even drugs. Once drugs and weapons are mixed, every person in the community is in danger.


This particular inmate was in fact dangerous without the need for drugs, and if he was to find a weapon, any person trying to take away his freedom was a sitting duck. We had very little in the way of leads because this inmate did not have family or friends in this town, so we knew he would be desperate and taking advantage of anything that presenting itself to him. The only thing we had going for us was he did have friends still in the jail that were going to help us regardless if they cooperated or not.


Securus Technologies is responsible for installing our inmate call monitoring system, and it has been key at helping officers to locate contraband in the jail, keep the peace in jail, and even discover who is using drugs. I decided to see if any of my suspect’s friends were talking on the phone about his escape, and we struck gold right out of the gate. Appears that this was supposed to be a two-man escape, and the one suspect we had left his buddy high and dry when they reached to point of no return.


Listening to this inmate complain on the phone revealed a plan they both had about meeting a friend at the edge of the city, then getting driven to the border. We sent a team to the location and waiting for our suspect to walk right into our trap.


Todd Lubar Talks About The Impact Of Smart Homes In The Real Estate Industry

Advancement in technology and the spread of internet have significantly changed the real estate industry

in several ways. In particular, they have changed the way individuals search for or share information regarding real estate. Presently, smart home technology, which is a natural extension of the Internet of Things (IoT), is making a major impact in the industry. From force detecting floors that can sense mobility to Nest thermostats, technology has become a force to reckon with in the competitive real estate industry. Technology continues to influence the industry as it is being used to attract buyers to purchase different properties. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Smart homes ease the life of the individuals who invest in them. Despite of a number of smart homes having a few modest elements, other homes have elaborate systems and state-of-the-art features. Often, when purchasing a home, buyers prefer smart homes. The concepts that were at one point futuristic are presently the norm in the industry.

According to Hackronym, the popularity of smart homes has been driven by the need to be able to do things instantly. Some of the features are also motivated by the safety factor. Systems like Siri and Alexa serve as personal assistants in various ways. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are beginning to realize the increasing opportunities that are made possible with smart home technologies.

Last year, TechSci Research estimated that the global smart home market will surpass $60 billion by 2021. According to its report, it is evident that a tipping point is approaching fast where smart homes will no longer be a luxury but a norm. For several years, Todd Lubar has been at the forefront of predicting the rise of smart home technologies. He has also been one of the people who have started to develop the technology early.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the revered professionals in the real estate industry. He serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures. Lubar is also the senior VP at Legendary Investments. The shrewd entrepreneur has worked in the real estate sector for more than two decades. Todd has helped people to fulfill their dreams of becoming homeowners.

Todd Lubar went to Sidwell Friends School, which is based in Washington DC and The Peddie School that is located in Hightstown, NJ. Subsequently, Todd enrolled in Syracuse University where he graduated with a B.A. in speech communication. Lubar went on to work for several successful companies, including Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group.

Paul Mampilly Is Bringing A New Name To Business

In 2016 Paul Mampilly was able to join the company, Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently serves as their Senior Editor.

With this position he is able to specialize in helping Main Street Americans. This means that he is able to help them find wealth in growth investing. Along with that he is also able to help them with technology, small-cap stocks and also special opportunities.

Paul Mampilly got started with his career in 1991 on Wall Street. There he began as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust. After that, Paul was able to quickly advance in his career. He was giving the opportunity to manage multi-million dollar accounts after he was advanced to prominent positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul Mampilly was recruited in 2006 to manage a hedge fund at a firm called Kinetics Asset Management. The firm was said to be worth over $6 million. With Paul’s help the firm was able to quickly grow to over $25 billion dollars.

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He had eventually went on to retire to where he could spend more time with his family. One of the main reasons though that Paul wanted to leave Wall Street though was because he didn’t feel like he was able to help enough people. He felt like there was a whole lot more people out there that could use help with investing.

One of Paul’s favorite things about what he does is that his help comes at a price that most Americans can afford. He stated that that just wasn’t something that you were able to find on Wall Street. He was able to finally begin to see his dreams brought to life though when he launched his flagship newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This is one dream that Paul Mampilly hopes to continue working at until he has reached the top.

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Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Major Cancer Hope

At the age of 47, Eric Lefkofsky, one of Chicago’s most successful tech founders and business serial entrepreneurs, had no plans to start another company. Forbes reported that he already has a net worth of $1.7 billion, and now, because his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, he is willing to put hundreds of millions of his personal money into his new company, Tempus, so that it can remain self-funded and have that as an advantage over competitors who must rely on outside funding.

Eric, as CEO as well as founder, believes that Tempus will be the biggest company he has ever built, and, even more important, the most meaningful. Eric Lefkofsky believes that Tempus is at the frontline of a technology paradigm shift in healthcare by taking an approach to cancer treatment that is data-driven. It uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to understand a patient’s tumor and then proceeds to tailor a treatment plan best suited to combat it.

The mission of Tempus is to look inside the human body and create a molecular clinical library of information about the patient, look at the molecular composition, and then use that data to guide the care, usher in precision medicine, and help doctors to make the right decisions. A centralized database provides physicians with a report on previous cancer patients, finds ones that have similar clinical and molecular profiles as the current patients, and finds treatment options that are most likely to be effective.

Several physicians executive team supply the needed medical expertise, and the startup has grown to more than 150 employees, many of which are data scientists, with three to five new ones being added every week.

Measuring the success of Tempus may take as much as years to determine if the treatment options based on its data have helped save lives. However, the company has already been shown important favor from many of the top-rated cancer clinics, and Lefkofsky is perfectly willing to bet that much major money to prove that Tempus will become his most successful company ever.

He feels that it is time to put technology and big data to use to personalize cancer treatment and give physicians, patients and their families the fighting chance that they deserve.

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Jim Tananbaum Journey to Become the Ceo of Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is the current, a healthcare private equity firm. Jim is also a founding member of GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, Inc. which are some of the frontrunners in the biopharmaceutical industry. He draws his investment experience from his founding role in the Prospect Venture Partners II and III and his partnership with the Sierra Ventures at the beginning of his career.

Various investments some of which include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon and Jazz Pharmaceuticals have had a taste of Jim Tananbaum’s leadership. He architected Foresite Capital in 2011 as a way of bringing together all the aspects of his career with the aim of creating a new investment platform. This company has been in the forefront in identifying the upcoming healthcare leaders and then helping them to mature to profitability by availing to them capital, information, and networks.

According to INC42, the educational background of Jim Tananbaum is also a rich one and his success in the field of investment can be attributed to this. He was a math and computer science/electric engineering major at Yale. He has an M.B.A from Harvard and an M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jim hopes to bring in great change and foster growth by championing insights in science and learning.

Jim Tananbaum and his professional life

The industry experience of Jim Tananbaum is well over 25 years. He commenced his career by being part of Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Some of his major investments include Healtheon, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup and Amira Pharmaceuticals. He holds MD from Harvard Medical School, BS, and B.S.E.E. both from Yale University, MBA from Harvard Business School and MS from MIT.

According to Biz Journals, currently, he holds the position of a CEO at Foresite Capital, a company that he is also the founder. Since it was founded in 2011, Foresite has been steadfast in identifying the upcoming health care leaders and nurturing them to profitability by supplying them with the capital, networks as well as information. In other fields, Dr. Tananbaum has also been part of the advisory board to the Harvard-MIT HST program as well Yale School of Engineering.

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