All You Need to Know About IAP

IAP is a company that offers international scale logistics, advanced professional services, and facilities management. The institution is very popular, and it offers employment to more than two thousand individuals. The company was founded sixty years ago, and it has…

WEN by Chaz product review

Searching for a hair care product can be daunting at times; especially if you think you’ve tried them all. WEN by Chaz has a line that is a must try for all hair types. A recent review and study has…

Helane Morrison’s Life and Accomplishments

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer that has proven to be very effective in her career. As of right now, she is serving as the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners which is a…

GTL Is Under Fire & Securus Technologies Helps Take Them Down

Securus Technologies is an interesting company. I have been impressed by some of their latest innovations with inmate communication platforms, especially their video visitations. It would be great for inmates to speak to their families through video-to-video conversations whenever they…

A Weighty Dilemma

With the Venezuelan economy is a perpetual state of free fall, the price of everything has skyrocketed. One unique consequence of this financial dilemma is the need of the average citizen to carry around a stunning amount of physical money….

Athleisure Fabletics: Above And Beyond Workouts

Athleisure is a new fashion word and type of product that mixes athletic and leisure wear on While men generally don’t pay as much attention to what they wear on a run or in the gym, women definitely do….

A Week With WEN: Testing WEN by Chaz Dean on Fine Hair

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is one of the most popular hair-care products on the market. One of Bustle’s beauty writers, Emily McClure, decided to see what the fuss is all about by conducting a seven-day WEN trial on her own hair….