Keeping Fugitives Behind Bars Using Securus Technologies

Whenever an inmate escapes a prison, whether maximum security or not, my team of fugitive hunters must create a perimeter and get them back into custody fast. Regardless the reason the inmate was arrested, out on the street they behave like wild animals because they desperately need to find shelter, food, weapons, transportation, and even drugs. Once drugs and weapons are mixed, every person in the community is in danger.


This particular inmate was in fact dangerous without the need for drugs, and if he was to find a weapon, any person trying to take away his freedom was a sitting duck. We had very little in the way of leads because this inmate did not have family or friends in this town, so we knew he would be desperate and taking advantage of anything that presenting itself to him. The only thing we had going for us was he did have friends still in the jail that were going to help us regardless if they cooperated or not.


Securus Technologies is responsible for installing our inmate call monitoring system, and it has been key at helping officers to locate contraband in the jail, keep the peace in jail, and even discover who is using drugs. I decided to see if any of my suspect’s friends were talking on the phone about his escape, and we struck gold right out of the gate. Appears that this was supposed to be a two-man escape, and the one suspect we had left his buddy high and dry when they reached to point of no return.


Listening to this inmate complain on the phone revealed a plan they both had about meeting a friend at the edge of the city, then getting driven to the border. We sent a team to the location and waiting for our suspect to walk right into our trap.


Paul Mampilly Is Bringing A New Name To Business

In 2016 Paul Mampilly was able to join the company, Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently serves as their Senior Editor.

With this position he is able to specialize in helping Main Street Americans. This means that he is able to help them find wealth in growth investing. Along with that he is also able to help them with technology, small-cap stocks and also special opportunities.

Paul Mampilly got started with his career in 1991 on Wall Street. There he began as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust. After that, Paul was able to quickly advance in his career. He was giving the opportunity to manage multi-million dollar accounts after he was advanced to prominent positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul Mampilly was recruited in 2006 to manage a hedge fund at a firm called Kinetics Asset Management. The firm was said to be worth over $6 million. With Paul’s help the firm was able to quickly grow to over $25 billion dollars.

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He had eventually went on to retire to where he could spend more time with his family. One of the main reasons though that Paul wanted to leave Wall Street though was because he didn’t feel like he was able to help enough people. He felt like there was a whole lot more people out there that could use help with investing.

One of Paul’s favorite things about what he does is that his help comes at a price that most Americans can afford. He stated that that just wasn’t something that you were able to find on Wall Street. He was able to finally begin to see his dreams brought to life though when he launched his flagship newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This is one dream that Paul Mampilly hopes to continue working at until he has reached the top.

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Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Major Cancer Hope

At the age of 47, Eric Lefkofsky, one of Chicago’s most successful tech founders and business serial entrepreneurs, had no plans to start another company. Forbes reported that he already has a net worth of $1.7 billion, and now, because his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, he is willing to put hundreds of millions of his personal money into his new company, Tempus, so that it can remain self-funded and have that as an advantage over competitors who must rely on outside funding.

Eric, as CEO as well as founder, believes that Tempus will be the biggest company he has ever built, and, even more important, the most meaningful. Eric Lefkofsky believes that Tempus is at the frontline of a technology paradigm shift in healthcare by taking an approach to cancer treatment that is data-driven. It uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to understand a patient’s tumor and then proceeds to tailor a treatment plan best suited to combat it.

The mission of Tempus is to look inside the human body and create a molecular clinical library of information about the patient, look at the molecular composition, and then use that data to guide the care, usher in precision medicine, and help doctors to make the right decisions. A centralized database provides physicians with a report on previous cancer patients, finds ones that have similar clinical and molecular profiles as the current patients, and finds treatment options that are most likely to be effective.

Several physicians executive team supply the needed medical expertise, and the startup has grown to more than 150 employees, many of which are data scientists, with three to five new ones being added every week.

Measuring the success of Tempus may take as much as years to determine if the treatment options based on its data have helped save lives. However, the company has already been shown important favor from many of the top-rated cancer clinics, and Lefkofsky is perfectly willing to bet that much major money to prove that Tempus will become his most successful company ever.

He feels that it is time to put technology and big data to use to personalize cancer treatment and give physicians, patients and their families the fighting chance that they deserve.

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Jim Tananbaum Journey to Become the Ceo of Foresite Capital

Jim Tananbaum is the current, a healthcare private equity firm. Jim is also a founding member of GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance, Inc. which are some of the frontrunners in the biopharmaceutical industry. He draws his investment experience from his founding role in the Prospect Venture Partners II and III and his partnership with the Sierra Ventures at the beginning of his career.

Various investments some of which include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon and Jazz Pharmaceuticals have had a taste of Jim Tananbaum’s leadership. He architected Foresite Capital in 2011 as a way of bringing together all the aspects of his career with the aim of creating a new investment platform. This company has been in the forefront in identifying the upcoming healthcare leaders and then helping them to mature to profitability by availing to them capital, information, and networks.

According to INC42, the educational background of Jim Tananbaum is also a rich one and his success in the field of investment can be attributed to this. He was a math and computer science/electric engineering major at Yale. He has an M.B.A from Harvard and an M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jim hopes to bring in great change and foster growth by championing insights in science and learning.

Jim Tananbaum and his professional life

The industry experience of Jim Tananbaum is well over 25 years. He commenced his career by being part of Sierra Ventures and Prospect Venture Partners II and III. Some of his major investments include Healtheon, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup and Amira Pharmaceuticals. He holds MD from Harvard Medical School, BS, and B.S.E.E. both from Yale University, MBA from Harvard Business School and MS from MIT.

According to Biz Journals, currently, he holds the position of a CEO at Foresite Capital, a company that he is also the founder. Since it was founded in 2011, Foresite has been steadfast in identifying the upcoming health care leaders and nurturing them to profitability by supplying them with the capital, networks as well as information. In other fields, Dr. Tananbaum has also been part of the advisory board to the Harvard-MIT HST program as well Yale School of Engineering.

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Expert Use Of Media By Fabletics

With marketing, it is very important for people to know how to use media in order to gain customers. Fabletics has shown a lot of skill in its use of media. It has also shown that it is not afraid to spend money on getting the word out on the products. After all, it takes money to make money. Otherwise, people are going to have to spend a lot of time marketing with the use of social media. Fortunately, Fabletics had a ton of money to put towards marketing campaigns. All that was needed was a lot of careful planning.


Fabletics has set up social media accounts so that it can reach out to customers. However, it has put a lot of money towards advertising. For one thing, Fabletics has put forth 40 TV spots. They have also paid for tons of spots throughout different channels so that they could reach customers. They have also made sure that they are clear about what they are offering. One of the quickest ways to lose customers is by not being honest. Fabletics has also taken the time to let people know about any promotions they have for customers. There are plenty of customer awards and discounts that they have going.


Another method that Fabletics has used in order to gain customers is having people review their products. There are plenty of good reviews from trusted sources that encourage people to sign up for an account, take the Lifestyle Quiz and pay the membership fee for great savings. The best part is that people are allowed to get a preview of what the brand has to offer.


Another way Fabletics uses media is to keep in touch with customers so that they can answer questions that they have. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of business. Social media platforms make it easier to answer questions for customers. For instance, customers may ask a question on the platform, and Fabletics answers it. The answer stays on the platform for everyone to see. The best part is that they are always bringing their content out to people so that they get a consistent stream of income.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Cassio Audi, Playing Fire As A Heavy Metal Drummer

Early on in his music career, Cassio Audi played drums as a member of the Rock group, Viper. Viper released two full albums, from 1985-1987, entitled, Soldiers of Sunrise and The Killera Sword. They also had a demo album in 1985, Project SP Metal. The genre in which Viper excelled was Metal and as a group, they were well regarded by the public. Their most popular single was a punk version of “I Fought the Law,” in 1995.

Cassio Audi’s playing style was influenced by the American heavy metal scene happening in the 80s. He was regarded as a straight-edge drummer, who played with passion. It’s rather surprising, because one rarely thinks about a Heavy Metal band actually originating from Brazil, as Viper did. Although, the group was inactive for a number of years; today they still play around São Paulo. Their official return to the music business was in 2001.

Viper cut their first demo single in the mid-80s, prior to releasing the full album, “Soldiers of Sunrise.” Most people don’t realize what a great commercial success the band was. They had a full discography, and the group continued making music at select venues. Even releasing another album in 1989, which was very popular among the Viper devotees. So much so that it went on to sell out, beating out other groups such as Van Halen and Nirvana in album sales that year.

It seems that Viper has maintained a loyal base of international fans in places as far away as Japan. In fact in Japan, the group went on to release a few additional singles. One of which was, “Maniacs in Japan.” When the lead singer left the band to pursue his educational interests; Cassio and the other members developed a decidedly edgier sound with harder Metal chords and drum solos.

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The Wessex Institute of Technology Publishes The World’s Most Improtant Jounrnals

The Wessex Institute of Technology publishes a series of journals through their distribution platforn WITPress.The International Journal of Environmental Impacts is one of their latest journals. This journal goes over the modern environmental issues and how it potentially impacts our daily lives.Their International Journal of Heritage Architecture discusses the need to provide our historical sites. They discuss the specific repair, restoration and preservation needs for many historical monuments. Wessex Institute of Technology publishes Asian and North American Native structures are of particular interest in this journal.

The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration discusses transportation systems around the world. The journal also covers future transportation demands and plans for implementing better public transportation.The International Journal of Energy Production and Management is about how we produce cleaner and cheaper energy. The growing demand for electricity production is greatly impacting socio-economic and political issues. This journal discusses potential resolutions to our worldwide demand.

Kim Dao Experiences New Skincare Treatment

Kim Dao, beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, was given the opportunity to receive a skincare treatment by Beautique Korea. They flew her from her home in Japan and made sure she was well taken care of. Kim Dao received a gift bag that consisted of things like snacks, food, and an adapter. She wasn’t pressured into doing anything against her will.


When she met with the doctor for her consultation, she mentioned that he spoke great English and that he was very nice. She was told that she had dry skin and they needed to do a treatment to put moisture into her skin. They had to apply numbing cream all over her face. Then they took blood from Kim Dao. They had to put the blood back into her skin. In order to do the procedure, it involved injecting the blood through a instrument with 9 needles attached. She said that she was a little nervous about it but because of the numbing cream, she really could not feel anything. Next, they had to inject her face with hydrohalic acid in order to keep her skin hydrated. Kim Dao then received a facial. They gave her some Banobagi products to try out.


After about 4 days, Kim Dao skin is glowing. She is happy with the results and hopes to do it again in the future. For the video, check it out here:



Honey Birdette Looking to Prosper Overseas

Rising Australian lingerie company Honey Birdette is gradually developing a global market for its product.

The sexy and fashionable lingerie brand, started by Australian businesswomen in 2006 has quickly claimed popularity overseas, first in the U.S. and now potentially in the United Kingdom.

Honey Birdette is known for its lingerie boutique chains which caters to a more moderate crowd but still is more risqué than commercial retailers such as Victoria’s Secret, but short of hardcore erotica.

After experiencing impressive success Down Under, Honey Birdette invaded the U.S. market in 2010. Over the past year, online sales in the U.S. have increased by nearly 400 percent. This has prompted the decision-makers at Honey Birdette to launch more direct e-commerce site for the U.S. market. The aim is to grow the American market by promising faster delivery service and free delivery of orders $50 or more.

The larger and more focused online thrust at the U.S. market is only part of the most recent business moves by Honey Birdette. The Australian lingerie chain is looking to dramatically increase its presence in the United Kingdom. In addition to potentially unveiling brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., Honey Birdette is looking to increase its retail stores in the UK from the current three to as many as 40 by the end of 2018.

With 55 stores in its native Australia, Honey Birdette is also eyeing other major markets on the European continent and it seeks to develop a more global presence for its sexy lingerie brand.

Whether it is bras, briefs, panties, or suspenders and stockings, Honey Birdette is looking to showcase its sexier lingerie lineup to greater parts of the globe. These recent developments suggest that they are ramping up for a possible rapid expansion in the coming years.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

For most any situation, time plays a critical factor in whether a plan is to yield success or not. This is especially true in the field of medicine. For this very reason, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a treatment plan. The program is called Clinical Pathways and its purpose, from design, is to make the practice of medicine as secure, efficient and effective as possible. This program brings together the EHR (Electronic Health Record) of Allscripts and the NantOS (Operating System) to assist doctors in informing one another while they work on a patient’s treatment. Hundreds of oncologist have put their personal foibles and egos aside to really put the lives of their patients first, for the inception of this project.

As stated in the article, for the first time in the history of treating cancer, the very research and information gathered about it no longer gets in the way of combatting the disease. One feature to the program includes customized treatment regimens that evolve with the state of the patient’s treatment. Another aspect of using this program is that it makes comparisons between treatment options while taking a look at factors like saving costs from the patient point of view. And, there are many other functions that make successful treatment of cancer more possible through this program. The best part is that all of this happens in real time.

This program is perfect for the Cancer Treatment Center of America because they only operate with precision when comes to the services they provide. Everything is personalized when it comes to the medicine offered by these professionals. They have a history of providing this level of care for about thirty years. The care that never quits is also integrative. The professionals that run this establishment are so caring they even they try to make getting to their facilities easier on the patients. How many other clinics can honestly say that?

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