Norman Pattiz Broadcasting Greatness

Norman Pattiz is an entrepreneur who founded Westwood one. A radio syndication company that is the radio home of CNN, NBC News, CBS News, NFL, NCAA, the Olympic games and various other entertainment and talk radio programs. Pattiz born 1943 in the United States founded the company in 1976 and it grew to become one of the largest radio networks in America and one of the worlds top media companies. Norman Pattiz has over 40 years experience in radio and is the chair of the Board of the Regents Oversight Committee of the Department of Energy Laboratories.


Norma Pattiz joined the board of regents of University of California in 2001 and was appointed by two different presidents to the United States Broadcasting Board of Governors. The first appointment to the BBG was by President Bill Clinton and later reappointed by president Bush in 2002. The United States Broadcasting Board of Governors oversees all the Broadcasting Services of all international U.S., non-military. Norman Pattiz was responsible for Launching Americas Arabic Language Radio and television services to all 22 countries of the Middle East.


Norman Pattiz also served as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors Middle East Committee. Norman Pattiz has enjoyed a multitude of success as an entrepreneur and has received numerous appointments, awards and accolades. In 2009 Pattiz was inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame and in 2010 founded and became the CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group. Pattiz would later found the company, Launchpad in 2012. A company that would go on to become Podcast One the leader in audio on-demand programming.


Aside from being a successful broadcasting entrepreneur, Pattiz is a benefactor of the Academy of Music at Hamilton High and was a reserve deputy in the Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles County. He was a member of the Advisory Council of Region 1 Homeland Security and was on the board of the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation. Norman Pattiz is married and lives in California. His wife Mary Turner a former radio personality is also chairman of the board of the Betty Ford Center. Norman Pattiz has accomplished a lot in his lifetime and continues to motivate and inspire others to strive to achieve greatness.


Kim Dao Provides A Unique Spin on Beauty

If you’re a beauty fanatic, odds are you follow lots of blogs and YouTube channels. If you follow beauty vloggers, then you’ll know Kim Dao is one of the top beauty experts on YouTube.


Kim Dao is an Australian native, who now resides in Japan. About 6 years ago, she started a YouTube channel so she could share aspects of her life. Most of the videos on her channel consist of beauty and fashion reviews.


With all of Kim Dao’s videos, she offers a unique perspective on her beauty tips. Kim Dao down-to-earth personality along with cute graphics and fun music makes her videos a delight for viewers to watch. One of the things that makes Kim Dao’s videos interesting is the unique beauty products she’s come across while shopping.


In one of her most popular videos, Kim Dao gives a review of a new line of Pokémon makeup from Korea. Throughout the video, she introduces viewers to products such as a Pokémon eye palette, Pikachu color mascara, Pikachu mini cushion blusher, and Pokemon lip care stick. Step-by-step, Kim Dao shows viewers how to use the products, then offers an honest review of the cosmetics.


With her quirky videos, Kim Dao became one of the most popular beauty vloggers in the community.


Jim Hunt Is For People And Not For Profit

Jim Hunt is the leader of VTA Publications. He has worked at several banks and has run several different companies. Hunt has made majority of his money from trading and investing on His makes money in this field on a daily basis. Hunt is also known for being one of the most successful individuals when it comes to making money in your sleep.

Any person has the right to join Jim Hunt VTA Publications. It is not expensive at when it comes to getting a subscription from this establishment. However, many customers have stated that there is no amount of money that is worth the wonderful information that is received from VTA.

Being a subscriber to Jim Hunt VTA Publications means you will receive daily information from Jim Hunt. Hunt has several different ways in which he delivers information to every subscriber. The common way information is delivered to VTA subscribers is through the monthly newsletter. This news letter is filled with various articles that go into detail regarding investing and trading in style. This newsletter also comes with many ads for opportunities, too.

Jim Hunt posts several videos every single weeks. Some of these videos are public. They show step-by-step approaches on how to produce a great career in the world of investing and trading. However, subscribers receive several other videos that are not public. These videos go into deeper detail regarding how to make smart decisions in the world of finances.

VTA Publications is the result of Hunt observing ways to make better financial moves than the average bank according to Hunt was happy that his life was in great shape from him knowing the best financial moves to make. However, Hunt was not happy seeing banks taking so much money from people and not investing it properly. VTA, through Hunt, has vowed to make an individual a millionaire with no more than 10 trades. This is a record.

VTA is allowing anyone to join in on this action. When a subscriber wants to become a millionaire with no more than 10 trades, they will be given a community of people from Hunt to ensure their success.


Tammy Mazzocco Knows How to Sell Real Estate

For most of 2016, the real estate market in Central and Northern Ohio has been very good. Then along about mid-November, just after the election, a housing shortage began to erode a boom market. Jobs had been plentiful, and people had money to buy homes. The people are still looking event though the market is getting a bit crowded.

Tammy Mazzocco doesn’t worry too much about market ups and downs because, as a successful realtor she realizes that selling real estate is a people business. No matter what the market does, there is somebody out there who wants to buy a house; she just needs to find him or her.

According to , Tammy began her real estate career as a secretary for a commercial real estate group, and then she worked as the manager of a large condominium group for seven years. She got her real estate license in 1995 as she had seen how lucrative real estate could be. So she dabbled for a few years selling and working as backup support for other realtors. Finally, in 1999 she went full time, and she hasn’t looked back since.

She admits that there is a little of the shy side in her and she has to work at warming up to people. But she has made it a point to always start the conversation, and then she puts the people she is talking to at ease by asking them about themselves.

Tammy claims on her Pinterest page that she feels her best attribute in the selling business is to make goals and then break them down into action steps. When you are tackling something just one step at a time, it is not so big and daunting that you can’t do it. Another big plus in dealing with people is to always put their interests ahead of your own, and stick to it. That is how you get to know people so you can do business with them.


How Jason Hope Is Changing The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope can see the future. The investor and philanthropist – based in Scottsdale, Arizona – is renowned as a ‘futurist.’ When he makes a prediction about the Internet of Things (IoT), people listen.

The public’s awareness of IoT, or the connection of physical devices to software, electronics, and network connectivity, has experienced explosive growth in just the past three years.

Mr. Hope sees big potential in the field. In a recent interview with Inspirery, he said, “Everyone knows that the future of society relies on technology. Technology connects and interconnects people, places, and things.” He believes that IoT will not only bring dramatic change to the physical landscape, but make our lives better, healthier, and more productive.

Hope’s biggest passion is investing in companies that are improving education and biotechnology. He has a grant program that helps high school and college students, and recently contributed $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a philanthropy that is changing how the medical field approaches and finds solutions for age-based diseases. The Foundation invests in universities and its own research center to build the technology that will combat these diseases, with the goal of ultimately preventing and eradicating them.

Hope says that he finds new investments to add to his portfolio through old-fashioned referrals and social media – something that shouldn’t be surprising for those who follow him. In addition to using his his Twitter and Facebook channels as a marketing tool, he also shares the latest scientific journals and articles with a global audience.

What’s next for someone who’s always living with an eye on the future? Hope says that recently he’s been taking a hard look at where he wants to go next with his philanthropic goals. He is currently focused on writing as a guest blogger for a number of tech sites, sharing his thoughts on the future of technology with as many people as possible.

“The more people know about the future of technology, the bigger change I can make in the world,” Hope told Inspirery. Well said.

Traveling Vineyard: The Road To Prosperity

Do you love wine and love discussing it with others? Do you love learning about the flavors of different wines and chatting with your friends and neighbors about the different overtones? Maybe you can turn your interest into a business with Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to share their passion and knowledge with others while earning money. Yes, it is a direct sales system, but Traveling Vineyard has embraced a model that renders the sales aspect comfortable and entertaining rather than intimidating.

By this point, you are probably wondering where in the house you could possibly store cases of wine to sell. Part of the Traveling Vineyard system is that you do not invest money or space in the products you sell, so your basement is safe.
Like other opportunities of this kind, Traveling Vineyard does require a start-up investment. However, unlike most similar ventures, this initial investment is small. You invest $189 for your Success Kit. The contents of your Success Kit more than repays your initial investment.

Your Success Kit includes: $150 worth of wine; $115 worth of wine accessories and related equipment and $25 worth of promotional and training material. Not listed here is open access to the Traveling Vineyards online training site which provides a wealth of information on wine, pairings, and managing your business.

Like Traveling Vineyard on Facebook

After the first 90 days of your association with Traveling Vineyard, you are charged about $16 per month for the maintenance of your personal website. Of course, the supplies in your start up Success Kit will not last forever so you will have to replenish them. However, most of our associates manage this through the credit they amass.

When you join Traveling Vineyards, you join a team designed to support and encourage your success. Your first associate in the business is your leader, assigned as soon as you register with Traveling Vineyards. Your leader is more than someone who pushes you; your leader is your closest contact in the business providing essential information on how to conduct your business, answers to your questions and insight into next steps.

Visit our website to learn more about Traveling Vineyards to see if life as a Traveling Vineyards representative is for you. Read success stories posted by representatives on LinkedIn, blogs about the experience and delve into the wealth of information about running your own Traveling Vineyards business.

Is EOS a Better Brand than Chapstick?

Evolution of Smooth, better known simply as EOS, is a relatively new brand, with a history spanning back for seven years. The brand produces lip balms designed to engage the senses, offering flavorful, aromatic balms in exciting and fun-shaped containers. The lip balms actually work to reduce chapped lips and create soft, kissable lips all year long.

A Seven-Year Feat

Would you believe that, in just seven years, EOS( was able to beat out Chapstick for the top spot on the lip balm sales chart? Chapstick is a lip balm company that’s been around since your grandma’s grandmother’s grandmas was alive; always a trusted name. The proof is in the pudding (or shall we say the tub,) however, and as times evolve, so do the brands that we trust.

The Top Two Lip Balms

Although Burt’s Bees ranked as the top-selling lip balm on Amazon and Target, EOS came in a close second to the brand. Both Chapstick and Blistex, two brands with quite the history, ranked after these two relatively new brands.

What can EOS do for your Lips?

If you’ve yet to discover the EOS brand for yourself, maybe the time has come to put down the tube of Chapstick and make the move. It is time to toss traditions out the door and evolve into someone that trusts the new and improved lip balms! Order online today, visit the Amazon store or the Evolution of website.


Experienced Litigation Attorney Specializing In Compliance And Risk Management

Karl Heideck Complaince and Risk Management
Karl Heideck specializes in compliance and risk management

Disputes occur regularly in this day of age, sometimes requiring an institution of law to bring resolve. Often one party wants to bring a lawsuit against another to solve the dispute, a process known as litigation. The intent of litigation is to reach resolution when a party feels they deserve monetary, or any form of relief, due to the damages they suffered from a dispute. Litigation can result in a trial or the case can be resolved through arbitration.

There are two parties involved in litigation: the plaintiff and the defendant. The plaintiff claims the defendant caused him/her some form of injury; if the defendant cannot agree with the plaintiff’s claims, then a lawsuit is generally brought by the plaintiff. Litigators are the attorneys, like Karl Heideck, who represent these two parties during the litigation process.

Karl Heideck is an attorney in the Philadelphia area who specializes in litigation, compliance and risk management review. He graduated from Temple University- James E. Beasley School of Law and is currently a contract attorney at Grant & Eisenhofer, PA. Since his graduation from law school in 2009, Karl Heideck has successfully applied his abilities, representing individual and corporate clients in complex and commercial litigation.

As a contract lawyer for Grant & Eisenhofer, Karl Heideck reviews discovery materials for complex securities fraud and banking litigation. He concentrates on issues related to transactions, acquisitions, risk management, and liquidity positions with regard to the sub-prime banking crisis of 2008. Karl Heideck (@karl_heideck on Twitter) is involved in weekly conferences with co-counsel to verify and consistently improve review obligations and he is considered well-versed in litigation.

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A Look At The Lip Balm Flavors Offered By Evolution Of Smooth

About The Evolution Of Smooth Company

Evolution of Smooth is a beauty care company that manufactures and sells lip balms, lotions and creams. Its primary product for sale is lip balms. The company sells almost 1 million individual units of its all natural lip balm every single week. Evolution of Smooth is currently the second most popular lip balm brand in the United States, just behind leading lip balm company, Burts Bees, which is owned by Clorox.

What sets Evolution of Smooth apart from other lip balms is it commitment to use all natural and organic ingredients. EOS does not use parabens, phthalate or petroleum in its products. Gluten is also not used. Instead ingredients such as shea butter, an all natural and highly potent moisturizer is used. Another all natural ingredient found in EOS lip balms ( is beeswax, which is well known for its soothing and calming properties.

A Look At Some Of The Lip Balm Flavors You Can Try From Evolution Of Smooth

EOS lip balm has a lot of fruity and tasty flavors for you to sample when you are choosing an all natural lip balm for yourself. Here is a sample of the delicious flavors you will find available. A new flavor released during the holiday season is the vanilla bean flavor. It is reminiscent of vanilla ice cream or vanilla flavored cake. If you like mild and sweet flavored balms than this is a great choice for you.

If you like strong and exotic flavors then try the passion fruit, honeysuckle honeydew or summerfruit lip balm flavors. Less strong and more traditional flavors include blueberry acacia, strawberry sorbet, sweet mint and pomegranate raspberry. The flavors described above here are in the smooth sphere lip balm line by EOS. Other flavors to try include coconut milk, blackberry nectar and vanilla mint in the visibly smooth sphere line. Get this lip balm from most major retail outlets such as Target, Rossmann, Boots, Perfumania, Ulta and Amazon. Check out the EOS website and purchase right from the company.


Prolific UK Vintners That Can Deliver Excellent Wine

Vintners are professionals that are experts at acquiring and selling investment grade wine and champagne to their clients. Not all vintners are the same. Some offer a more comprehensive service that is based on customer service and offer consultation and expert advice on building a healthy wine portfolio. Others are membership based and are a consortium of private businesses that merge to accomplish common goals.

The Society Of Vintners

There are twenty-six members that are spread across the British Isles that comprise the Society Of Vintners. The members are a group of professionals that have a common goal and interests. They seek to provide the best wine in a range of creations and profiles. They especially pride themselves on the ability to find and acquire the most sought after wines on the market.

UK Vintners PLC

This vintner specializes in luxury grade wines and champagne. They have an extensive network of contacts that allow them access to some of the most prized wines available on the market. Vintners are able to provide their customers with wines that they can use as an alternative investment strategy as well as wines and champagnes that are fitting for special occasions.

The Vintner

The UK Vintner carries one hundred individual wines that range in profile and price. They have the staff to assist you in selecting the very best wine for your needs. They even will host a wine tasting for your private and corporate events. UK Vintners offer membership to a club if you choose. They provide fine wine for weddings and parties of all types as well as offering clients additional education in selecting the proper wine for your needs.

There are many wonderful UK vintners but it is up to you to do the research to determine if the UK vintner can provide you with the appropriate level of service and products that you require. This is just a few of the top companies in the UK. Each UK vintner is different so be sure to ask any questions you may have and make sure that there is a clear understanding as to what you desire before you make a purchase from the vintner.

For more information about UK Vintners, click Pinterest