Paul Mampilly Warns People Away From Cryptocurrencies

Paul Mampilly is a pro when it comes to making investments. He writes about investment opportunities for Banyan Hill Publishing where he is the senior editor. The main types of companies he covers are small-caps, tech, growth investing, and special opportunities. He has two newsletters out on a subscription basis which are Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. Visit the website to learn more.

Another area that Paul Mampilly has been covering lately is cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and etherium. He sees these types of assets as being in a big bubble and he is expecting their values to crash pretty soon. Over the years he was a hedge fund manager he says he saw a lot of bubbles come and go but nothing like cryptocurrencies. He doesn’t claim to know exactly when their values will come crashing down but he says it’s just a matter of time until a lot of people lose most of the money they have put into cryptocurrencies.

He recalls 1999 when everyone and their brother was piling into tech stocks. Everyone felt like tech stock could only go one way and that was straight up. Paul Mampilly says he had a friend named Tess who owned some tech company stock that had gone up by more than 1000% in value. He told her that was amazing and it was a good time to sell and keep the gains. She didn’t listen, though, as she and everyone else expected even more gains. However, the dot com crash soon happened and Tess lost everything she had invested as the company she had invested in went bankrupt. Read more at PRNewswire about Paul Mampilly.

He says he could see the dot com crash coming and had pulled all of his money out of tech stocks before the crash occurred. He says that when he pulled his money out he half thought it was a mistake to have done so as even he was caught up in the euphoria. However, he stayed the course and was quite happy he didn’t lose money when everything came crashing down.

People are now piling into cryptocurrencies, seeing this as the next big thing to make a lot of money. Paul Mampilly has been warning people that bitcoin, etherium, and the like are very overvalued. Governments are starting to regulate cryptocurrencies which will curtail their growth, such as Japan and soon Russia and China as well. The time to get out of cryptocurrencies is now before their values experience huge declines.


Talos Energy on New Drilling Projects

In the recent past, there has been increased competition in the drilling industry and low prices of oil that make it quite challenging for companies to improve their production capacity. Most people believe that there are adequate oil reserves that can lead to the production of billions of barrels. This is a belief that attracts thousands of contractors in the oil drilling industry. PEMEX, which mainly operates in Mexico has discovered oil reserves in the coast of the country near the Sureste Basin.The Zama-1 well is estimated to make a massive recovery of up to 400-800MMbbl oil volume and can extend up to the area operated by PEMEX. Due to such significant discoveries, there is need to derive best valuations and finding the most effective strategies for operating at PEMEX.

Numerous distinguished drilling companies are much interested in the project to ensure that it becomes a success. The companies have to partner as soon as possible before the drilling project starts in 2019 or by the end of this year.Talos Energy and Premier Oil are among the companies that are interested the drilling project. To increase efficiency in appraisal planning, other vendors have already submitted engineering designs. The partners of Premier Oil are currently studying the feasibility of the projects to find out which one should start. It is worth noting that Premier is interested in the coast of Brazil because it had made the best prospects in the area.A plan has already been prepared to start the drilling campaign which is set to begin before the year 2020.

Premier has established a strong partnership with Petronas near the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Mauritania. Unfortunately, the production was shut down. As a result, a drill ship is set on a mission to suspend the oil production on a temporary basis. The production will be permanently suspended if the government approves the abandonment of the field.Based on the current economic conditions, companies need to be highly competitive. Exploration of offshore energy is quite competitive thus requiring firms to be quite aggressive. Timely delivery of findings and provision of accurate data about the value of oil reserves should also be given. This is among the reasons as to why companies should strive to offer the best results.

Sheldon Lavin: A Seasoned Leader at OSI Group Pushing the Company Forward

Sheldon Lavin is a definition of rising from grass to grace kind of person. He began in very humble beginnings and rose into running the leading food processing in the world. Sheldon has wonderful leadership skills that he has developed over time. He is the current chief executive officer for OSI Group. Sheldon is the pillar of the success of this company and much more on what he is expected to do in the future of this company. The company has made great success over the 100 ears. It was founded in 1909, and today it marks the largest company that has a great multitude of partners and locations in over 65 regions. Sheldon’s focus on food safety, sustainability, and green practices set the company apart from any other in the food industry. Some of the achievements that the company has made through the leadership of Sheldon Lavin includes the acquisitions in various places.

Sheldon brought great impact into the company since he joined the team at OSI forty years ago. He came in with expertise as a banking executive and investor. Sheldon influenced the success and global growth of OSI Group from the 1970s. The acquisitions, ventures, and joint ventures that have been made at OSI took Lavin’s time in planning strategically for the same. The company prides in having a team of more than 20,000 employees in the entire world. Sheldon is pleased that the company has developed a cohesive and uniform culture despite the difference in facility locations. Being eighty-five years old is not a shock to Sheldon since he is more than devoted to ensuring that his commitment in minimizing environmental impact, building responsible social contributions, and promotion of reliable supply chain does not waiver. Sheldon is a generous person with most of his donations going to charities for college funds, sick children, chronic ill patients, and Jewish organizations.

Some major acquisitions that Sheldon Lavin was able to initiate and complete include the purchase of the Baho Food facility. This deal with the Dutch company was completed in 2016. It has subsidiaries in Netherlands and Germany. Under Sheldon’s leadership, there is a deliberate plan to increase the sales through this facility and influence the production process. Moving on, he led the purchase of the food plant located in Chicago operated by Tyson Foods. The company was planning to close down due to issues with costs, but OSI took that chance and purchased it. This gave OS Company a greater name due to the ability to make more productions.

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The role of Barbara Stokes’ company in offering disaster relief construction

There is the need for an immediate response in case of a disaster emergency. It serves to deal with the various needs which could take days, months or years to meet accordance with priority. In dire circumstances, Federal Emergency Management Agency comes in. It delivers important services to protect affected people where shelter providence proves to be an essential requirement.

In case of disasters that need immediate attention, urban centers are required to store essentials and install alternative energy producers such as generators and reliable fuel supplies. These are put in buildings set aside for emergency purposes. They work as shelters where people are housed for a week. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The one week period gives time for a larger detachment of workers to be released into the affected area. Some companies are involved in such responses. FEMA has given tenders to most of these companies. They help build up houses and infrastructure again where the affected people get re-housed. One of such companies is Green Structure Homes LLC (GSH) based in Huntsville and headed by Barbara Stokes (CEO) with her husband Scott Stokes (COO).

GSH is a company that deals with disaster relief construction. It works to produce suitable temporary homes of any size which are characteristically safe and easy to access. The structure of the construction and its materials have been developed in a way that it is easy to assemble within a short time. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The houses it makes have properly developed rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. There is also efficient energy supply. These make the lives of the victims more comfortable where they are able to concentrate on re-building their society again.

Among the many responsibilities, FEMA has been charged with concerning disaster strikes, developing a plan to lessen the effect of the disaster is one of them. The experience it has gained over the past 40 years has helped it come up with such plans. Some disasters, e.g. Hurricane Katrina (which hit Louisiana) have left more than 2000 thousand people dead. It also left devastating effects that are still felt a decade later. With such construction companies like GSH, FEMA will be able to counter disasters.


Southridge Capital: A Trusted Financial Services Provider

Southridge Capital provides structured finance and advisory services to various public companies. Their dedication is towards enabling customers to achieve their needs through the provision of innovative financial solutions. The company has a well-experienced executive team that understands the marketplace and has expertise in the common financing plans. Since 1996, Southridge Capital has invested around $1.8 billion towards the growth of many global companies. In addition, they have financed 250 public companies. The above engagements have accorded the company experience on the obvious financial challenges that most public companies face. Their team is well-skilled and experienced in most of the corporate matters in public companies and major financing techniques that the company can optimize.

Through the advisory branch, Southridge Capital offers financial analysis services, balance sheet optimizations, mergers & acquisition procedures, restructuring analyses, bankruptcy advice, and legal settlement services. Under financial analysis, Southridge Capital constructs well-detailed and projected financial reports and statements that coincide with the operations and the financial assumptions in the specific companies. Through balance sheet optimization, companies can maintain a correct balance between the equity and debt as well as access mechanisms that are highly productive. In the restructuring analyses, Southridge Capital is forefront in helping the companies acquire and achieve the best restructuring outcome. Visit

The structured finance aspect of the services in Southridge comprises of credit enhancing, securitization, and financing solutions. Southbridge team knows that companies should not take all the possible opportunities if they are in need of financing which they term as a method of “thinking outside the box”. The major securitizing solution availed is monetization of existing company assets through loans against the capital, insider shares, or any other assets. Moreover, it also directly patterns with the creditors to the companies to do away with the debt in favor of the common stock and this increases their credit worthiness. Southridge Capital is also portrayed socially responsible through various philanthropic work. They promote volunteer works, giving, and community leaders to strengthen the firm and show a positive impact on the community around it. The leadership executives include five able persons namely Stephen Hicks, Laurence Ditkoff, Henry Sargent, Narine Persaud, and Linda Carlsen. Check out to know more.

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A New Generation of the Hopeful and the Wise

One of the strangest feelings in life is gaining in one’s years and noticing the things that parents and grandparents had mentioned or experienced in their times. An odd conundrum of life today is that despite adding years to our lifespans, we haven’t added life to our years. People are breaking down earlier on in life and requiring prescriptions, surgeries or worse to cling to the daily routine. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are out to see this change, however, and their emergence from retirement in 2009 to introduce the Youth Enhancement System to the world was no accident.

The spry duo came from a long walk of successful enterprising maneuvers over their long lives, but it eventually came to a draw, and both settled into retirement. However, it was found that the know-how and the funding was available to pursue a new life as the providers of a health-boosting system that would propel people of every nation into a richer and more fulfilling life. The solution, they thought, was to stop the aging process with supplements that targeted the cause of our ailments rather than the symptoms themselves.

Years of research and development unfolded, and the nine-step system was created. Clients would be able to purchase the whole set together for a complete and wholly synergistic approach to restoring their youthful potential, and because the formulas were natural, the likelihood of negative reactions would be kept to a minimum. Across a variety of application mediums, it would be possible to introduce specific nutrients in optimized manners for a wide spectrum of age-reversing benefits:

  1. Energy, Mood, Fitness and Rest

The Youth Enhancement System brings supplements that enhance restfulness, hasten the morning wake-up call and keep energy and concentration up throughout the day.

  1. Restoration and Defense

Superfood combinations stave off existing illnesses while padding immune functions and cellular integrity to prevent more from cropping up going forward.

  1. Skin, Beauty and Youthful Aesthetic

Creams eliminate mild blemishes within minutes while additional treatments prevent signs of aging from occurring down the road.

End Citizens United To Practice What It Preaches In Funding Campaigns

End Citizens United is gearing up for 2018 by marking a number of Republican incumbents for defeat. However, the Democratic political action committee will be following its own philosophy by avoiding large sources of funding.

In its “Big Money 20” program, the PAC expects to invest some $35 million to bring down Republican members of the U.S. Congress. This is some $10 million more than it spent in 2016. However, the organization is considered a traditional PAC and does not accept single donations of more than $5,000. Most of its funding thus comes in smaller donations made by its members.

The funds collected in its 2018 program will be used in 20 pivotal races, two of which involve the Senate and the rest the House of Representatives. The two Republican senators the PAC hopes to defeat are Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada. The House races will also take place in states that were both “blue” and “red” in 2016, including districts currently held by such Republicans as Dana Rohrbacher and Mimi Walters, both from California, and Will Hurd, who serves Texas.

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In its advertising, End Citizens United will emphasize finance reform and promote the need to remove large donations from the American political scene. This method proved fruitful in the 2016 U.S. Senate race in Nevada, which was won by Democratic candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. Research showed that voters who were not affiliated with major political parties responded favorably to the campaign finance reform message, with the issue apparently helping to secure a Democratic victory.

End Citizens United was established in 2015, five years after the U.S. Supreme Court decision that effectively eliminated restrictions on spending in American political campaigns. The PAC that adopted the name of the ruling is dedicated to tackling the issue of runaway spending. Based in the nation’s capital, End Citizens United has some three million members across the United States. Its current president is Tiffany Muller.

Highland Capital Management The Global Financial Firm

The major global financial firm, Highland Capital Management, hosts many important events at the George W. bush Presidential Center. The Center is located in Dallas, Texas. James Dondero who is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital is quite impressed with this center’s influence on the entire nation. The Bush Center is also considered to be a positive influence on the local community. Read this article at

A major event at the Bush Center that Highland Capital is very proud to conduct is the Engage at the Bush Center public programs Series. By supporting this series Highland Capital is able to contribute to the long-term vision of the Bush Center.

Highland Capital has given a gift of $10 million to the Center that will help to continue several series of public programs at the Center. The Engage Series had the goal of bringing newsmakers, authors and thought leaders to the Center. This group of intelligent people will bring discussions and lectures all through the entire year.

The CEO of the Center, Kenneth Hersh, is grateful for the generous gift since it shows that Highland Capital is committed to invest in the future of the Center. Highland Capital has donated over $5 million since 2012 to the Center. It was also one of the benefactors that added to the development of the facilities. The Bush Center had opened in 2013.


The first part of the event of the series took place on February 5. This was a two-part program about “Constitution Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches / James Madison and Today’s Media.” All of the guest have to register, however, the admission is free of charge.

Since 2015 the Engage series has boasted sellout crowds. Programs of the past have included a vast range of leaders and newsmakers such as Lorne Michaels, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, Bill Growder who is a Russia corruption fighter, and other noted speakers. Highland Capital is committed to continuing to support the Center by inviting and working with anyone who is an advantage to the knowledge of the community and the nation. Visit to know more.

How to Benefit from Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an app designed with the average business owner in mind. It provides a range of video services that will enable you to better connect with your co-workers, employees and even customers. There has never been an app quite like Talk Fusion, and this is why it has been one of its kind since its inception back in 2007. The company has been around for over a decade, and this is just reason enough for you to give them a try because of all of the experience that they have in the industry for those who run their own companies.


There are a couple of different services that Talk Fusion provides to their customers. You can make use of video email marketing and messaging as well as have the ability to set up video conferencing and meetings. Many who have tried Talk Fusion also use it for their live chat sessions, which are clear and concise. The quality of the video through the Talk Fusion app is well-known for being clear and easy on the eyes. This means that you’re making use of a quality app that is unlike anything you might have tried in the past because you needed this type of program to get your company off the ground.


There are tons of reasons to use Talk Fusion and all of the services that they offer to those who have created an account. One reason is because Talk Fusion has all of these communication options right on one account, so you do not have to download multiple apps just to make use of all of the services that Talk Fusion has available to you. Plus, the Talk Fusion app is secure and safe, so you can discuss a wide range of different things through video without worrying that anything is going to be breached in security.


You can visit the Talk Fusion app or site to learn more about this award-winning program. Millions have already made use of Talk Fusion and have been more than satisfied with the type of work that the company has done for them. If you would like more information, you can also contact Talk Fusion and talk to them about what you are looking to do and how to create your own account. The app is available on computers and mobile devices, which enables you to make use of conferences and meetings even if you are far away from the office. In fact, many business owners who travel for a living use Talk Fusion because of the quality of connection that they get no matter what their signal happens to be at the moment that they open the app and begin to use it. Learn more:

CTCA- Clinical Nurse Specialist

Cancer is one of the top reasons for deaths all over the world. At some point in time, about 40% of individuals from both the genders stand a risk for this life-threatening disease. The number of deaths due to cancer is expected to cross 20 million in the long-term future. If it is detected early, the chances are likely that the patient would live longer than the one who gets treated in the final stages.If you are one of those individuals who want to help and make a difference in people’s lives who are suffering from this carcinogenic disease, there are plenty of rewarding career choices you could opt for. Let us look at some of them in detail:

 Clinical Nurse Specialist:

For you to work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, you need a master’s or an advanced degree in Oncology. They generally work in higher management roles and could be the first point of contact for the nurses. They also play a key role in optimizing the overall health care system.


Oncologists are the most specialized physicians who treat cancer. You need about eight to ten years of education which comprises of going to a medical school followed by a residency. They not only head a unit of specialized professionals, but also make high perks than a lot of their counterparts.


Radiologists are people who exact location of the tumor through x-rays and MRIs. For you to be a radiologist, you need to clear an exam to obtain a license and also finish the residency.

Radiation Therapist:

Majority of these individuals have a bachelor’s degree and are licensed professionals as it is a minimum requirement in almost all of the states. If your cancer is supposed to be treated by radiation, then you would definitely want to contact a radiation therapist.

Medical Physicist:

They are the ones who manage the chemotherapy procedures to reduce the size of the tumors. Master’s degree is a minimum requirement for you to be a medical physicist and also clear a board certification exam.Even though the careers in the field of Oncology are rewarding, they tend to be extremely challenging and needs a lot of hard work and commitment. So do you have what it takes?