IAP Worldwide Providing Global Logistics

IAP Worldwide has been providing services for governments and private enterprise for over forty-five years. For the most part, these services are out of the ordinary, performed in hard to get to locations, in hazardous conditions throughout the world. In 1953 IAP, known as Pan Am World Services at the time, started construction in our countries first space complex in Cape Canaveral, FL., over the next four-plus decades IAP Worldwide has supported over 2500 hundred launches, including the manned shuttle program.

In 1989 Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls and became known as Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS). JCWS soon became a world leader in the management and maintenance of military and commercial facilities around the globe. JCWS found new ways to improve efficiency in energy consumption by automating the facilities lighting, security systems, and environmental controls. In 1990 Johnson Controls became known as IAP Worldwide a company that specializes in logistical support and procurement, supplying generators to our troops in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. Growing quickly, IAP soon became a trusted partner with the US Military and was able to win contracts to provide mobile power generation, transportation services, and international procurement in support of our troops. Over the next fifteen plus years, IAP Worldwide continued to grow and expand its services through a series of acquisitions and partnerships with companies that had products and specialties that would enhance the variety of services IAP could provide.

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In more recent news, IAP was selected by the U.S. Navy to support their Global Contingency Services program. IAP will provide support services for humanitarian efforts, secondary construction of facilities in support of natural disasters, and participate in a full range of military actions. This $900 million dollar contract, managed by The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, will run through 2024 and is a good example of things to come for IAP.

Today IAP is a world leader in solving the most challenging problems, often working in harsh environments under extreme weather conditions, accomplishing missions that seem to others as impossible. Their ability to respond quickly to natural disasters with emergency power and much-needed supplies has helped countless people in every part of the world. Employing over 1600 men and women working in more than 110 locations and 20 countries around the world, IAP is unflagging in their efforts to accomplish the mission, assuring their customers no matter how difficult it gets they will never quit. You can follow this amazing company on Facebook or Linkedin.

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How Does Richard Blair Offer Financial Advice Through Wealth Solutions?

Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions to help his clients manage their money over a long-range plan. He helps wealthy clients every day who must manage their money with wisdom and grace, and this article explains how he offers monetary advice to each new client. Richard is a fair man who looks into each client’s history as he advises them, and he studies the markets properly every year as he watches wealth grow in each client portfolio.

#1: What Does Richard Ask His Clients To Do?

Richard prefers to help his client approach their wealth from several different angles. he uses stocks and bonds to manage money, and he ensures clients have extra options including commodities, precious metals and currency. He wishes to remain as diverse as possible, and he teaches his client how to keep their money safe by spreading it around.

#2: Special Options For Making Money

He has found quite a few uniue ways for his clients to make money, and Richard works quite hard advising each client when they wish to make money in non-traditional ways.

Clients who visit Richard for help may choose to rent properties around the world, and they may invest in real estate as opposed to investing in traditional markets. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions wishes to open options to his clients, and he is quite open with each client about how they may invest.

#3: Wealth Management Is A Long-Term Process

Wealth management takes quite a lot of time, and Richard takes on clients understanding they will be with home for some time. Every client who retires still needs help with their money, and the family trust cannot sit without a manager. Richard has created several family trusts that ensure the children and grandchildren are looked after, and he remains their manager regardless of who is at the head of the family.

#4: Richard’s Attention To Customer Care

Customers who visit Richard Blair Wealth Solutions are given the utmost in customer care, and his staff works quite hard to show clients what must be done with their cash. Money does not invest itself, and Richard keeps a close-knit team around that helps with his daily business. Clients are free to call, email and ask questions as they see a need.

Wealth Solution is a simple creation from Richard Blair that ensures wealthy clients manage their money well. Every new option created in his office ensures a fine future for the wealthy.

Why You Need To Care About Reputation Management

Are you worried about the information Internet users see when they look you up online? Would like to know exactly what people are saying regarding you or your brand? You could find out exactly what your clients and others are saying or posting about your company. A reputable online reputation management team can help you track conversations about your organization or business and ensure the best possible reputation.

Every business owner, company personnel or organization leader must have a reliable reputation management system, to keep track of exactly how they are viewed online. It is a well known fact that Internet searchers do not look beyond the first page of search results page, so you have to push down adverse web content and also push up favorable reviews to the first web page. This will ensure that your potential customers only see what you want them to see about your brand or company.

To complete that, a reputation management company can help you, by setting up a tailored surveillance as well as monitoring system for your online credibility. These specialists generally have accessibility to top notch resources as well as industry connections, which enable them to satisfy their clients particular needs. They can make use of search engine optimization strategies and also content posting, to subdue negative reviews and derogatory comments, while promoting favorable information about you or your firm.

By having reliable a Reputation Defender professionals handle your online reputation, you could control exactly what shows up about you on search engine results. It is suggested to make use of professional reputation management service so you can focus on running your business. You should speak with a reputation management team that has a well-established background of taking care of online track record for companies and individuals.

With the professional services of a seasoned team of reputation management specialists advising and guiding you in maintaining a good reputation, you could take complete control of your track record online. Take the time to find a team of highly recommended professionals for all your reputation management needs.

How Handy Used Innovation to Recover

In the early months of 2016, Handy Chief Executive Officer Oisin Hanrahan was a worried man. He didn’t look forward to the company’s leadership meetings that were held on Tuesday mornings. At that time, Handy was performing poorly. Strategies championed by Mr. Hanrahan were equally performing poorly, something that threatened the startup’s sustainability. All this time, he has to contend with his cofounder’s I-told-you-so looks.

Handy was then in the middle of a significant realignment that had been advocated by Hanrahan. He also had the intention of rolling out a digital onboarding process that would affect 28 of the company’s major markets. Hanrahan’s cofounder, Umang Dua had opposed the plan right from the time it was proposed in late 2014. Dua thought that it would be difficult for qualified candidates to complete the digital onboarding process without human help. The two entrepreneurs eventually agreed to carry out a restricted test run to determine the effectiveness of the process.

Venture Capital Funding

In the process of testing the process, Handy.com attracted venture capital funding worth 50 million dollars. This helped cushion the upstart from market forces. However, it came with its own limitation. Investors became wary about the sustainability of Handy’s operations. A high number of upstarts were failing, something that increased the skepticism all the more. Dua and Oisin decided to roll out the process in all its markets.

Challenges Faced

Initially, the entrepreneurs faced a lot of challenges. Worst of all, successful online onboarding reduced drastically. Handy was forced to call off thousands of bookings because demand dwarfed the supply of professional services. Consequently, the number of customers’ complaints skyrocketed. An innovative business strategy was implemented. This heralded the company’s explosive recovery. Handy’s product line was equally improved so that the needs of the market could be met. Hourly workers are hired to handle incoming problem and complaints. Improvements have also been made on the company’s online platform.