Anthony Petrello: Talent Leader And Caring Philanthropist

Anthony Petrello is a successful businessman, an experienced attorney and a caring philanthropist. Petrello grew up in Newark, New Jersey. Known as a math whiz, Petrello got a full scholarship to Yale. After graduating with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics, he then attended Harvard Law School and earned his law degree. He passed the New York bar exam and was hired by the internationally known and respected New York law firm Baker & McKenzie. Anthony Petrello’s work was impressive and he was soon made manager of the Manhattan office.

But one of Baker & McKenzie’s most important clients, oil and gas giant Nabors Industries Limited, also noticed Tony Petrello’s stellar work. In 1991 they offered him the position of Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries. Petrello accepted the offer and moved to the company’s Houston, Texas headquarters. A brilliant individual, Petrello was soon promoted to president, then CEO and finally chairman of the board of Nabors Industries. In 2015 Anthony Petrello was the highest paid CEO when Nabors Industries paid him $68.2 million.

When Anthony Petrello’s daughter Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia, he donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Medical Center to build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. And he has continued to support the hospital in any way he can. He is also involved in a number of other philanthropic activities. Texas Children’s Hospital Inc. recently named Anthony Petrello its director because of all the help he continues to provide for the institution.

The Verdict is in For Using WEN for Fine Hair

There are tons of hair care products out there that offer the same results. But most of those hair care products don’t live up to the standards we seek when it comes to our hair. There are 3 hair texture types: fine, medium, or coarse hair. Fine hair individuals face many obstacles when it comes to daily maintenance of the hair. The weight of products can leave fine hair looking dull and lifeless. WEN by Chaz is a hair care product that can be used with all hair types. Bustle featured an article about a woman with fine hair that decided to give WEN Hair a week-long trial to see if it will do what it claims it will.

For seven days she washed her hair in WEN. And each of those seven days left her pleased with the results. She noticed her hair felt and looked thicker. Her hair looked more radiant as WEN give her straight locks that beautiful shine. She did find that if she skipped her morning washing, that her roots looked dirty so in her experience with WEN, she shampooed every morning. And by the end of the day her hair looked just as vivacious as it did earlier in the day. So WEN used on fine hair was a total success in her book if you are a daily shampooer.

WEN was created by an upscale salon owner, Chaz Dean. According to, he owns and operates Chaz Dean Studios in Hollywood. His clients consist of many celebrities. He rose to success quickly and didn’t want to stop there. His passion is hair and he wanted to develop a hair care product line that is healthy for the hair without all those harsh chemicals that other products contain. It is affordable seeing how it replaces 4 other products that is used for maintaining the hair.

Wen hair care products are available on QVC drug stores and Guthy-Renker nationwide.

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Clay Siegall: An Impassioned Dedication to Fighting Cancer

Clay Siegall, an award winning scientist, has dedicated both his professional and academic life towards alleviating the pain felt by cancer victims and their families. His impassioned dedication has not only seen him carry out several researches and publish over 70 scientific articles but also direct the resources of a company he cofounded, Seattle Genetics, towards finding innovative and cutting-edge cancer treatment and therapies. A George Washington University PhD in Genetics grandaunt, Siegall currently serves as the company’s president, chief executive officer and chairman. His tenure has marked a significant turnaround for the company’s fortunes. Through dedicated research, the company managed to develop an innovative drug, Adcetris, for cancer treatment. Currently, the drug is being used in over 60 countries around the world following FDA approval in 2011. Siegall has actively promoted cancer research; he raised over $1.2 billion in capital for cancer research in addition to his editorial duties for scientific journals.

Career and Academic History

Clay Siegall holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland where he specialized in zoology and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from George Washington University where he specialized in genetics. He worked as a research for several research companies and institutes including the National Cancer Institute up to 1997. In 1998, he cofounded Seattle Genetics where he has held senior positions for close two decades. He currently serves on the board of three companies in addition to his editorial duties on the editorial boards of three scientific journals. His award-winning dedication to scientific research has seen him awarded 15 patents.

Towards A Cure for Cancer

Clay Siegall is a scion of dedication within the cancer research community. He has dedicated not only his resources and intelligence towards cancer research, he also dedicated Seattle Genetics’ resources. He is driven by belief that a cure for cancer can be found with dedication to research and technology. His editorial duty is aimed at opening up the space for researchers while his fundraising activities are aimed at providing the capital required by the cancer research community. While the development and FDA approval of Adcetris marked a significant step towards finding a cure for cancer, Siegall believes the company has the capacity to increase the number to 12 new drugs in the near future.

Technologist and Philanthropist- Erick Pulier

He has been able to achieve a lot at a very young age. Erick Pulier is an American entrepreneur who was born and raised in Teaneck New Jersey. His passion for technology began when he was still a teenager at fourth grade when he started programming computer, and when still in High School Erick created his first company which was a database company. After graduation from High School, he joined Harvard University. At the University he majored in English and American literature. He began working hard towards accomplishing his dreams while still studying at the University as he was an editor for the Harvard Crimson.

Erick Pulier is a go-getter who never rests until he accomplishes what he started. The businessman later moved to Los Angles where is currently based on pursuing his dreams and goals in life. Mr. Erick has established several startups including g XPrize which is considered to be one of his most ground-breaking startups. XPrize is all about programs for those individuals who are willing to work extra hard to fulfill their dreams. Erick’s mission for establishing the startup was to identify the young people who are working hard to achieve their goals and award them. Apart from XPrize Pulier also created Akana which is also successful. Akana is an SOA Software company which he established, and it expanded to the extent of acquiring several other SOA companies. Akana grew to be a leading SOA solution company before being purchased by Rogue Wave Software.

Erick is not only known for his achievements as an entrepreneur, but he is also a great contributor to the society. He is a sponsor of Painted Turtle a camp for children ailing from chronic conditions. In Painted Turtle Eric is the Vice President of cloud operation. Erick loves children, and he mostly supports those ailing from chronic diseases and those with special needs. He funds Starbright World. He contributes his money, time, and his skills for children with special need. Using technology Erick has created a platform where the children can interact and share with others suffering from the same condition or disease. Erick will remain to be a legendary for his achievements in the technology sector and also as a philanthropist.

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