OSI Industries Keeps Expanding After Receiving The 2016 Globe Of Honour

The UK-based OSI Food Solutions received the 2016 Globe Of Honour, by the British Safety Council. The organization received the award for their outstanding management of environmental risks. The group won the prize in competition with 18 other teams. The award was a result of the company’s efforts to implement environment-friendly technologies and spread awareness about environmental risks.

The organization holds headquarters in Aurora III. It has become a leading protein-value supplier, producing beef patties and sausage links. They also supply major retail and foodservice brands with pizza and sandwiches. The corporation is privately owned, holding over 50 facilities. They operate in 17 countries worldwide. The company is now working towards expanding its influence to China, understanding its importance as a growing marketplace.

OSI Industries purchased Baho Food, deli meat, snack, and convenience-food provider from Holand. The purchase will broaden the group’s influence to Europe, meeting the customer’s needs for a broader range of products. Baho owns five plants across Netherlands and Germany that cater to customers in 18 countries across Europe.The purchase of the Tyson Food ensured the group the spot among America’s top processed foods suppliers.

OSI Industries recently purchased the Flagship Europe, a frozen poultry, sauce and pie producer. The purchase will allow the group to spread its influence further across Europe. It is also an opportunity for the team to position better in the marketplace and improve customer service. What was otherwise successful business has now received an even more considerable boost.

The OSI group is among the Americas top 100 food companies thanks to their everlasting effort to grow and expand in new marketplaces. Altogether, to group supplies world’s leading food chains not only across the US but also across Europe and China. They will soon become the most significant poultry producer in China, which is just one among the group’s notable successes. Their engagement in environment awareness earned the OSI group a reputation for a reliable business.

OSI industries keep growing in size and reach thanks to the purchases of other major food suppliers. The ultimate reason why they are among the most successful companies in the US is the expansion through purchasing successful, well-operating food chains, which enables them to spread influence across countries and bring more variety to their customers.


James Dondero Makes a Million Dollar Challenge!

James Dondero founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management at the Family Place’s 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards luncheon. The luncheon was held at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas Texas for its Legacy Campaign. The Legacy Campaign hoped to raise 16.5 million dollars for its new center and with 2.8 million dollars to go to their goal Mr. Dondero pledged to match all donations up to one million dollars.

The pledge by Mr. Dondero is titled Highlands Challenge Grant and the grant is administered through Highland Dallas Foundation Incorporated. The foundation is the philanthropic division of Highland Capital Management. The Family Place supports the victims of family violence and Highlands donation is an answer to a call for help by Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas and Police Chief David Brown to find solutions, shelter, and services to aid victims of family violence. Read this article at barrons.com.

The Legacy Campaign by The Family Place is for the construction of a new Dallas Counseling Center and upon completion will offer 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, clinics, emergency hotline, private and group counseling, and job training. Over 2,000 victims are expected to seek aid at the emergency shelter each year and it will help relieve the strain on the existing shelter. Included in the new center is an animal shelter and a child development center.

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Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero in 1993 and it’s now one of the largest alternative investing firms in the world. Highland holds over 13.5 billion dollars in assets and is the recipient of 5 stars from Morningstar. Mr. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia and holds two degrees in accounting and finance. In 1985 Mr. Dondero joined American Express as an analyst and by 1989 he was a portfolio manager for a 1 billion dollar income fund.

Mr. James Dondero has a passion for charities and has donated one million dollars to the Dallas Zoo for the hippo habitat. The habitat is named Highland Capital Lodge after Mr. Dondero’s firm. He is noted for his donations to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and more. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Why Rocketship Public Schools Builds An Educational Community

Rocketship Public Schools believes that stability is one of the key factors when it comes to creating a great classroom. A family that is stable and a positive part of the community is a large part of what it takes for students in the family to succeed. The leaders of Rocketship Public Schools want to build an educational community that includes educators, parents, and children are working together to support the student’s education.

One person that knows how important family stability and having an educational community is Dulce of San Diego. Her child, Cesar, attends the Rocketship Public School in that city. Her home was devastated by a flood that destroyed everything they had. It turns out that it was her child’s school that came to the rescue. They were able to help her family recover and her child’s education was uninterrupted during this process.

At Rocketship Public Schools they are also dedicated to narrowing the educational gap that exists between schools in low-income areas versus those in other areas around the country. Far too often the educational outcomes of a student are tied to family income and how close they live to a school with a robust budget due to bringing in property tax dollars from high-value homes. Children without these advantages are swiftly left behind.

Most of Rocketship Public Schools students come from low-income homes. Despite this they are achieving consistently high test scores and doing well for their grade level. One of the keys has been using a hybrid education that combines conventional teaching along with technology. The students are engaged and able to learn in a way that most suits their ideal way of learning.

Rocketship Public Schools was founded in San Diego. They now have 20 schools including those in the Bay area, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington D.C. They were founded on a belief that every student has the right to meet their full potential. They call the students Rocketeer’s to reflect that the potential each student has can be unlocked and send their educational attainment soaring.