Trabuco: The Revolver Of The Middle Ages

Before gunpowder was invented and used, the Middle Ages had various ways to battle opponents or conquer areas. Most commonly used were war machines constructed for sieges and taking territory. Unlike a ballista, the mechanism was not complicated to create or use.

The Trabuco, a machine that functioned very similar to a catapult, was a tool in 400 B.C. that could easily turn the tide of battle according to At its core design, it is noticeable that it is derived from similar mechanics to a sling. Originating in China, they did not use the first Trabuco for just firing stones. It is said that they even launched the dead to spread disease into the territories that they were at war with, dating back to being some of the start of biological warfare.


In the Middle East, around the thirteenth century, Arab merchants acquired the unique design of the Trabuco and redesigned it. The original design would use gravitational energy and convert it over into kinetic energy. By adding a counterweight, the velocity of the item being projected increased dramatically, showing that the larger the counterweight, the more force will be applied to the projectile when launched.

Trabuco was not so simple that everyone could get accurate shots. It required physical calculations for the amount of gravity that might be applied to the counterweight and projectile as well as estimating the potential kinetic energy being generated at the time of use. Shortly after its remodel, the Europeans adapted the medieval weapon of mass destruction after encountering it during the crusades.

It is earliest documented that the Vikings and Nordic people used it around 863 A.D. during their battles across the continent. It was not until the invention of gunpowder that the use for the Trabuco died away. Now, it exists to help teach mechanics and basic principles with physics. Occasionally, events like pumpkin throwing championships will bring one out for entertainment.


Lori Senecal Teaches New Online Advertising

Trends in advertising constantly changing and evolving and this is usually a result of the popular technology of the time. The Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori Senecal, is an advertising wizard, and she recently discussed the latest trends in online marketing. Today smartphones have replaced desktops as the dominant form of online usage, and it only continues to grow. The total revenue accrued from internet advertising rose considerably in 2015, with reports showing that the increase was nearly 60 percent, with desktop advertising hardly being a factor in the huge jump. As a result, forward-thinking businesses have discovered a significant new revenue stream, especially considering the fact that the latest reports indicate that people are currently spending as much as 25 percent of their time on their smart devices. Check out for more.


Sitting at the head of the social media market, Facebook has turned into an online advertising giant, with studies indicating that their revenue from advertising jumped an incredible 60 percent from 2014 to 2015. Along with Facebook, the search engine juggernaut, Google, has also reaped the benefits of online advertising, with reports indicating a 20 percent jump in online advertising revenue. When matched together, over the course of that year, Facebook and Google controlled 76 percent of the revenue growth, meaning that, if a company neglected to utilize their services, they missed out on significant gains. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Ads are generally considered to be a nuisance for most online users and recent reports have proven that nearly 92 percent of current online users either employ some brand of ad blocking software or would be open to adding it at a later time. In order to continue benefiting from online ads, many of the world’s most prominent companies have begun shortening their advertisements, helping to keep the attention of their audiences, while also limiting disruption to their online experiences. Universal Pictures, Snapchat, and Spotify were the companies said to benefit the most from the shorter advertising, with reports indicating that several of their vids passed 14 million views. While some companies have strayed away from Facebook and Twitter due to the decrease in millennial usage, it remains one of the top online outlets.

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Organo Gold: Who They Are

Organo Gold is a network marketing company that specializes in healthy, invigorating beverages that work well for both males and females. The company is well known for its coffees. However, they also offer teas and other drinks.

Aside from the products, however, who is Organo Gold, and what do they offer their members and employees? Taking a quick glance at the company’s website informs us of just who they are and of what they believe. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold lets it known that they have core values that consider everyone they know as well as everyone they hope to know.

The company believes that they are a family and that they are at their strongest when they are united, working together, and believing in one another. At its core, the company believes in being loyal to one another and in remaining positive.

Organo believes that if people work hard, they can be paid what they are truly worth, whether that amount is 100k per month or 100k per week. According to their website, everyone can improve through edification. How is one edified, however? By nurturing his or her entrepreneurial spirit and by allowing himself to grow in knowledge.

People grow when they surround themselves with like-minded individuals who have similar goals. Although everyone is not exactly the same, one’s strengths can grow when he saturates himself in things that help him to become who he wants to be. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The famous network marketing company believes in parity. What does this mean? It is simply a word describing how they accept one another fully and accept and encourage each other’s strengths without judging anyone; everyone in the Organo Gold family can rest assured that his Organo family has his back whether he is up or down, whether he fails or wins, and whether he falls or rises.

Everyone who is associated with Organo Gold takes this mindset with them wherever they go. When they enter the outside world, their way of thinking follows them. They treat everyone in their community and in their world with respect because the core values that they possess are basically a compass that guides and influences how they live their lives and how they treat and see every human being.

Organo Gold is a company with morals that teaches morals. Being moral starts at home, and for Organo, it starts inside the company and eventually overflows into the entire world.