Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Is Helping Patients With Their Plastic Surgery Needs

Plastic surgery is an incredibly personal journey for each individual who decides to travel down that path. It can totally change people’s lives and how they see themselves. There are doctors committed to helping these people lift their self-esteem, body image, or whatever else they are seeking to change for the better.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a Dallas, Texas based plastic surgeon with a deep passion for helping patients achieve their desired results. The board-certified doctor specializes in plastic surgery of the face, body, nose, eyes, and breasts. He is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar has been practicing medicine for over 10 years and has been affiliated with multiple hospitals including Pine Creek Medical Center and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Some of his career highlights was accepting the Compassionate Doctor Certification award in 2012. This was quite an honor because only three percent of physicians receive this honor. This percentage comes from a total of 870,000 active physicians. His extensive training and experience in the field of plastic surgery has made him a very qualified doctor to perform these surgeries. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar attended the University of Michigan Medical School where he earned his medical degree. From there, the budding plastic surgeon did his residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. Dr. Jejurikar uses on the most advanced technology at his practice. This included 3D preview imaging that allows patients to see what it would look like with the plastic surgery before they actually perform the surgery. His patients speak of him highly because he treats each of them with care and the upmost respect. He realizes each patient is an individual with their own needs and treats them accordingly. He carefully considers each patients history, current condition, and their goals when assessing their situation.

NewsWatch TV Review by Saygus

Founded in 1989, NewsWatch TV is a source for the latest in entertainment, health, medical, travel, technology, business, and consumer happenings. NewsWatch is privately produced by Bridge Communications, a company which specializes in video productions and communication. NewsWatch is headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in Virginia, New York City, and Denver.

NewsWatch can be found on social media and online, as well as the AMC Network, the ION Network, and independent local stations in a thirty minute weekly show. The show usually airs at seven in the morning on Mondays. NewsWatch has aired more than one thousand episodes since it began. Major celebrities and well-known companies in the news often make appearances on NewsWatch.

In addition to the latest news coverage, NewsWatch provides public service announcements. On location interviews are a common feature, as well as video news releases. NewsWatch also frequently features non-profit awareness campaigns, and participates in marketing campaigns.

Saygus, a smartphone manufacturer, hired NewsWatch to participate in a marketing campaign, as they promoted their new smartphone line. NewsWatch produced and aired reviews, and traveled for the smartphone launch to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. NewsWatch filmed and produced segments of the launch and promoted the corresponding Indiegogo campaign, an international crowdfunding resource.

As a result of the campaign, Saygus met their funding goal, and exceeded expectations by over 300,000 dollars. Tim Rush, Vice President of Saygus, was quick to credit NewsWatch for their successful campaign. According to Rush, NewsWatch was able to provide Saygus with worldwide coverage in a professional video that delivered just the right message to the perfect audience. He highly recommends Newswatch as an “extremely professional, competent organization.” Rush goes on to compliment NewsWatch for being able to recognize the needs of the company and the consumer, and being able to connect the two.

The Life of Yanni Hufnagel

According to Jon Rothstein, a CBS college basketball analyst, Yanni Hufnagel was one of the youngest college assistant coaches he had ever met. His sense of humor, the power of understanding the ability to relate with almost everyone was one on the just but a few attributes he possessed. Yanni Hufnagel was fond of recruiting new players who grasped the concept of basketball. Additionally, Jon Rothstein explained further how Yanni Hufnagel was passionate about whatever program he was doing. The young assistant coach could not be stopped by anything. He always made things work out for the better.


Yanni Hufnagel’s devotion and taking pride in what he did transform him into one of the brightest and hardworking assistant coach in the country. He rose from lower ranks to become an assistant coach in only a few years. During one of his interviews in a cab sometime back, he talked of how his passion has made him who he is today. He spoke of believing in yourself and having that driving force was what was the need in making a change in one’s life.


He was a visionary ever since he was a young kid. At 16 years old, he used to analyze matches on how the players were defending, attacking and generally how they played the game. According to his longtime partner Bill Raftery, Yanni Hufnagel was an extraordinary kid at the time, and his love for the game could be seen back then. Later after his broadcasting career as an analyst, he moved to a Cornell as a manager for the students but did not part in any severe coaching activities until his age 23. He later worked as a graduate assistant for Jeff Capel for sometime before working with Blake Griffin, who later became an NBA superstar as well.


He further attributed his success to the friendly relationship between him and his former colleagues, Jeff and Blake. The advice and work ethics that he received while working around them was the turning point in his life. He later got his first ever coaching experience at Harvard when he was an assistant coach under Tommy Amaker, and he performed exemplary.




Neurocore Providing Advanced Neurotherapy Treatment For Mental Health Issues

Neurocore Brain Mapping Centers uses the latest medical technology and Neurotherapy to help people get rid of their mental health illnesses. The cases of mental health issues have been increasing rapidly in the last few years, and more and more people are looking for modern medical treatments rather than the old traditional methods. One of the new procedures for depression that is being prescribed by many psychiatrists and physicians is Neurotherapy and brain-mapping treatments offered by treatment centers like Neurocore. Established in 2004, Neurocore has been able to treat thousands of people successfully through its brain mapping treatment process. The neuro-feedback generated through the latest brain mapping technologies used by Neurocore has helped the people get rid of their mental health issues in a very effective manner. The time taken by people to get back their life together and overcome the mental health issues through the treatment of Neurocore is much less than in other methods.

The treatment offered by Neurocore is based on years of research and is now being adopted by the physiatrists worldwide. Clinical depression can deteriorate the quality of life majorly if left untreated. If you are not able to get the perfect solution to the clinical depression issue that you or your loved one is suffering from then consulting with the physicians and experts at Neurocore would help you get the much-needed relief you are looking for. With years of research backing them and millions spent in study, Neurocore has been able to advance its EEG and brain-mapping technologies. It gives the mental health experts a clear view of how severe the clinical depression is and whether counseling would do or if prescribed medicines are required. Not taking precautions can lead to clinical depression getting worse with time. The training programs offered by Neurocore are beneficial in activating and rejuvenating the areas of the brain that are affected by clinical depression. In the area of application of neuroscience in the United States, Neurocore has been able to gain dominance. Many people trust Neurocore to provide them with the active and affordable advanced treatment for any mental health problems.

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Robert Ivy on the Importance of Professional Organizations

Organizations are doing so much so that they can ensure that their employees are well educated about the changes that take place in the market. Most of these institutions have introduced on job training to help the workers in the course of their careers. However, so much has to be taught so that these professionals do not find themselves in trouble. There are different working positions in the market, and each requires a certain level of education and information. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

The emergence of professional societies

In the recent times, there have been thousands of professional societies such as the American Institute of Architects. According to a recent report, there are over ninety two thousand professional and trade associations based in the United States. The firms attract members of different companies from all over the world. These institutions offer educational programs and many other activities. Here are some of the reasons many people are joining professional associations.

Educational Resources

After joining any professional association, employees have access to a diverse array of data and tools that assist them to acquire better and advanced education. The information is always shared though the company newsletters, webinars and websites regularly. The content is specifically designed to meet the employee needs.

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Job Hunting Help

When joining these institutions, company employees can be assured of networking activities, and this means that getting a new job is always an easy task. The career assistance acquired from these institutions is hard to get in other organizations.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been a key figure in the lives of many professional architects in the United States. He has been working for one of the largest professional groups in the country, popularly known as American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy was offered the position of chief executive officer and executive vice president. While at this position, the architect has been instrumental in introducing so many changes. Ivy has also been able to secure the esteemed Noel Polk award because of his success. He marks the first architect to ever receive the award which is what sets him apart from many individuals in that arena. Apart from being an influential figure in AIA, Robert Ivy is a member of various boards of directors. His passion for literature has played a role in his career. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

The Music By The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are one of the most iconic and celebrated acts of EDM music. They came onto the scene just a few short years ago. Since then, this incredibly talented duo has been making serious noise with the hit songs they release back to back. Fans across the globe enjoy the music this duo creates. Their music is thoughtful, passionate and something new to hear on the radio ways. The Chainsmokers are fully committed to being transparent and open in their music. Because of this honesty and rawness, the group has been able to distinguish themselves from many other popular musical acts.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up The Chainsmokers. They both share a sincere passion, commitment, and talent for music production and djing. They had always had a hobby as being a DJ. Their 2014 hit Selfie did well on the music charts and gave them the breakthrough their careers needed. They released their debut EP in October of 2015. Roses and Don’t Let Me Down were instant radio hits. These two songs led the DJ duo to be a famous EDM group. These record-breaking songs won the duo a Grammy. They won in the category for Best Dance Recording. Then their first number one single hit the charts, Closer. Their success did not stop there. The Chainsmokers were nominated and won two awards at the American Music Awards ceremony. Their debut album was released last year and is still on the Billboard charts.

Side Effects is the fifth song released by the duo this year. This song has followed four other popular songs. These songs will be apart of The Chainsmokers second album set to be released soon. The duo will be spending the rest of 2018 visiting all over the United States on their tour. They will be touring cities everywhere to perform concerts for their faithful fans who really connect with their music. So much is still in store for these two. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are living out their dreams. They hope to continue to release record-breaking hits for years to come.


Freedom Checks Offer Tax Advantages to Investors

Investors receive freedom checks based upon the federal law in the United States, which provides this tax free investment opportunity. Investors have the opportunity to receive these freedom checks when they invest in energy related investments. There are over 500 businesses allowed to provide these monthly or quarterly checks to investors. The master limited partnerships (MLPs) serve various roles in the oil and gas industry. MLPs receive this exemption from the government because they pay investors 90% of the returns they earn. These returns are typically considered distributions rather than dividends. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Investors and companies do not pay taxes on the money they receive from the MLPs. Capital gains taxes are paid by the investors if they sell their shares. The tax benefit is provided to Americans as a reward for investing in the oil and gas industries within the United States. Freedom checks provide investors with returns that are generally more than 60% higher than typical stocks. The amount of distributions received by investors is based upon the size of the investment they made in an MLP. Investors can determine the amount of money they choose to invest. Substantial checks are paid to investors who have invested large sums of money. Individuals can begin to invest in MLPs with small amounts of money, such as $50.00 and begin to receive freedom checks from companies. Various financial publications have provided individuals with information on the type of returns they can receive from investing in MLPs. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

The type of investment opportunity provided by MLPs to receive freedom checks are offered in similar tax-free investments. An example of a tax-free investment which also offers lucrative returns to investors are real estate investment trusts. Readers can learn more about investments that pay high returns by reading the information provided by Matt Badiali in his newsletter.

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Rick Shinto At The Helm Of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and has been operating for over a decade, distributing and developing proprietary technologies in order to inspire engagement between patient and provider. The Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans of InnovaCare have earned both the NCQA accreditation as well as a 4.5 start quality rating, received from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.



Ever since its inception, InnovaCare remained dedicated to creating both profitable and sustainable models integrated with modern technology in order to offer excellent healthcare services. They are currently a leading healthcare company in North America. At the helm of the operation is Dr. Rick Shinto, who servers as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He has more than 2 decades of experience in managed care, having been the President and CEO of Aveta Inc, from 2008 to 2012 when the company was sold. Check out penelopekokkinides.com




Penelope earned a B.S. from the University of California, and a medical degree, received from the State University of New York. In addition, he holds and M.B.A., earned from the University of Redlands. His medical tenure took place in Southern California as an internist and pulmonologist. Prior to joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto was a member of the management team at North American Medical Management of Illinois. His impressive resume also includes his roles as Chief Medical Officer at NAMM Califronia, Chief Medical Officer and Chief operating Officer at Medical Pathways Management Company, and Corporate Vice President of Medical Management at MedPartners.



Rick Shinto was included in the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare in 2018, an honor he also earned in 2012. He stated that it was an honor to be recognized alongside a distinguished group of leaders of the healthcare industry. He noted that at InnovaCare they are devoted to improving health equity, particularly for the United States’ dual-eligible population. He pointed out that diverse backgrounds and perspectives are making their team stronger, and that the award reflects the important work they are doing. For more details visit changemindchangefuture.org




Another important figure that is currently at the helm of InnovaCare is Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as Chief Operating Officer since 2016 when she joined the company. She received a B.S. in classical languages and biological sciences, earned from Binghamton University. Additionally, she has an Masters in Social Work, completed at New York University, and a second Masters in Public Health, earned from Columbia University.



Prior to joining InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides worked for Aveta Inc., as their Chief Operating Officer for 6 years, from 2006 to 2012. Having more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, her resume also includes a position as Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Health, and Corporate Vice President at AmeriChoice, a unit of UnitedHealth Group.


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The Life of Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd is an American who was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is an entrepreneur, the founder, and CEO of Bumble and a co-founder of Tinder, a women empowerment dating app. She is the daughter to Michael Wolfe, a property developer and Kelly, a housewife. She went to Judge Memorial Catholic High School but, later when she was in 4th grade, her parents moved her to Paris, France. She attended Southern Methodist University where she studies International studies. She also took part in Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Visit on her twitter for latest updates.


Whitney Wolfe had many accomplishments. Among them; She was among the 30 most important women under 30 in Tech in the year 2014. She was also named among Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016 and among the 2017 and 2018’s Forbes 30 under 30. Whitney has been featured on the covers of Wired UK, Forbes and Fast Company. In 2018, she acquired a position in Time magazine of the 100 most influential people.

At the age of 19, while she was still in college, she started a business to sell bamboo tote bags which was helpful to individuals’ affected by the BP oil spill. Together with Patrick Aufdenkamp, they partnered to launch Help Us Project, a non-profit organization offering the bags. These bags received worldwide recognition when celebrities including Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe were photographed holding them.

After her graduation; Whitney Wolfe she traveled to Southeast Asia where she started working with orphanages. At 22, she joined Hatch labs. She joined Tinder, in 2012 within the IAC startup incubator. She then became the vice-president and co-founder of the dating app. She also received accreditation for fueling the app’s popularity in colleges. She left the company in 2014 due to an unavoidable tension with its executives, and she later filed for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Later in 2014, Whitney Wolfe launched Bumble dating app, aiming at offering women more freedom of expression and control to make the first move, unlike the traditional dating apps. Three years later, the app has shown incredible growth with over 28 million users worldwide.

She is married to Michael Herd, and she has one sibling; Danielle Wolfe.

More about of Whitney Wolfe: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe


Treatment with Marathon Pharmaceuticals

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is always looking for a way to improve the care that they are providing to their patients. They have made some decisions to help their patients especially those with rare medical conditions. This company is producing the medication needed by people with these rare conditions to help improve the quality of their life.

Marathon Pharmaceuticals is different from most pharmaceutical companies. The company has chosen to produce small volume medications that are hard to manufacture. Most companies opt for the easy, large-scale production. Those medications are more common and used to treat common diseases. Marathon chooses to treat lesser known diseases to give these people a chance at having a good life as well.

The Marathon company is looking to open a new Bioscience Center. This new center will help develop new treatments to help people suffering from cancer. The developers at this center will also look to find medications for people that are suffering from a disease that affect the central nervous system, endocrine deficiencies, movement disorders, and gastrointestinal diseases. The team that will be working in this center have experience with research, working in a clinical setting, and those that work closely with healthcare professionals. This center will develop new medication and will start with over 200 medical professionals. They will be looking to develop treatments to help people with rare and complicated medical issues.

The Marathon Pharmaceutical company has been one of the leaders in producing medication for those with rare conditions that have few other treatment options. They have developed several new treatments to help a person feel better and to help reduce the symptoms they are feeling from their illness. Marathon is looking to give help to people that feel like they have few options. They want to develop medications to help those that are often overlooked in the pharmacy profession.