The Success Story of Capital Group’s New Chairman and CEO

It seems like nothing could go wrong with Timothy D. Armour or Tim, the Chairmen and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group which is regarded as the top financial services firms in Los Angeles. This is indeed one of the largest firms in the country that manages a combined fund of 1.4 Trillion Dollars and deals with some of the biggest investors.

In addition to a massive portfolio, Timothy Armour is also leading a number of new projects such as a partnership Korean Investment Firm called Samsung Asset Management as well as a few more noteworthy ventures. In addition to leading Capital Group as Chairman and CEO, Timothy Armour is also serving as the Chairman and Principal Executive Officer (PEO) of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc as well as Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Although these are truly challenging positions, Tim is doing a great job and taking Capital group to the apex of success. Timothy Armour is currently based in Los Angeles and also involved with a number of social causes.

Timothy Armour is considered as the one of the leading capital and investment advisors in Los Angeles. He has been in working in this forte for last 33 years. He has been working with Capital Group since the very beginning. He joined this company as a participant in its Associate Program in 1983. As a Leadership Development program, Tim was fortunate enough to learn every aspect of capital investments by starting his career from the entry level through this program.

However, Tim gradually started to climb the success ladder while serving in positions of this company. Through his success and dedication, he became of the successful fund managers in the firm and performed in a different position such Equity Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager. He also worked as the deputy of previous CEO and Chairman Jim Rothenberg. After the sudden demise of Rothenberg, Tim was appointed as the Chairmen of this group.

Currently, Tim has been dealing with a number of important portfolios and managing a major portion of his group fund with a team of expert fund managers. He has been truly strategic and helpful to the investors. When dealing fund managers, Timothy Armour takes an innovative approach, and he always advises his clients to appoint active fund managers who have also made an investment in their portfolio.

Under Timothy Armour’s leadership, the firm has made some aggressive moves to capture the benefits of market sell off in 2015 as well. This is why, Janet Yang, CFA has mentioned him as the leader behind the unprecedented success of Capital Group.

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