Sentient AI – A/B Testing

The integration of Artificial Intelligence into various sectors is a hot topic of discussion in the recent years. While a majority of the discussions are based on how the services, customer experience, quality, and more are impacted by the technology, some are also concentrating on how it is affecting the job prospects of those industries. The technology has started producing fruitful results in many sectors and areas. It is highly critical to discuss how the technology is going to change in the A/B testing considering its widespread applications from e-commerce industry to digital marketing. The process is going to be revolutionized by the AI technology in the coming years.

A/B testing is widely used in web and marketing analytics to test with dual variants to arrive the best and desired results. It is considered as the test to check two types of website designs or two different marketing campaign programs to see which can provide the most favorable result. It has got wider applications with its integration to AI in the recent years. It is great to know some of the changes expected with the integration of the technology. While manual A/B testing is considered to be non-scalable, the introduction of AI changed it into highly scalable.

When it comes to campaigns that need millions of different variants of campaigns to be created per the individual needs of customers, AI gives a wonderful option for the marketers to execute such large campaigns quickly. Similarly, the websites use the efficient way of AI-enabled A/B testing to personalize the website experience. For instance, if an online food website wanted to generate vegetarian contents for people who are vegetarians by knowing their preference, AI-enabled A/B tests help the site to be modified to respond to such needs based on the results of the tests.

When it comes to digital marketing, A/B tests play a significant role in making effective SEO campaigns. The AI-enabled applications would execute quick tests to understand the impacts of various campaigns and provide detailed information on how to improve the search engine ranking efficiently with least resources and time. Interestingly, such tests would bring more comprehensive results that can give better control over each campaign with accurate results. Considering the fact that AI has miles to go in digital marketing and SEO, the coming years will see more positive results in the area. Currently, a significant portion of digital marketing is carried out manually.