A New Generation of the Hopeful and the Wise

One of the strangest feelings in life is gaining in one’s years and noticing the things that parents and grandparents had mentioned or experienced in their times. An odd conundrum of life today is that despite adding years to our lifespans, we haven’t added life to our years. People are breaking down earlier on in life and requiring prescriptions, surgeries or worse to cling to the daily routine. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are out to see this change, however, and their emergence from retirement in 2009 to introduce the Youth Enhancement System to the world was no accident.

The spry duo came from a long walk of successful enterprising maneuvers over their long lives, but it eventually came to a draw, and both settled into retirement. However, it was found that the know-how and the funding was available to pursue a new life as the providers of a health-boosting system that would propel people of every nation into a richer and more fulfilling life. The solution, they thought, was to stop the aging process with supplements that targeted the cause of our ailments rather than the symptoms themselves.

Years of research and development unfolded, and the nine-step system was created. Clients would be able to purchase the whole set together for a complete and wholly synergistic approach to restoring their youthful potential, and because the formulas were natural, the likelihood of negative reactions would be kept to a minimum. Across a variety of application mediums, it would be possible to introduce specific nutrients in optimized manners for a wide spectrum of age-reversing benefits:

  1. Energy, Mood, Fitness and Rest

The Youth Enhancement System brings supplements that enhance restfulness, hasten the morning wake-up call and keep energy and concentration up throughout the day.

  1. Restoration and Defense

Superfood combinations stave off existing illnesses while padding immune functions and cellular integrity to prevent more from cropping up going forward.

  1. Skin, Beauty and Youthful Aesthetic

Creams eliminate mild blemishes within minutes while additional treatments prevent signs of aging from occurring down the road.


Is EOS a Better Brand than Chapstick?

Evolution of Smooth, better known simply as EOS, is a relatively new brand, with a history spanning back for seven years. The brand produces lip balms designed to engage the senses, offering flavorful, aromatic balms in exciting and fun-shaped containers. The lip balms actually work to reduce chapped lips and create soft, kissable lips all year long.

A Seven-Year Feat

Would you believe that, in just seven years, EOS(https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) was able to beat out Chapstick for the top spot on the lip balm sales chart? Chapstick is a lip balm company that’s been around since your grandma’s grandmother’s grandmas was alive; always a trusted name. The proof is in the pudding (or shall we say the tub,) however, and as times evolve, so do the brands that we trust.

The Top Two Lip Balms

Although Burt’s Bees ranked as the top-selling lip balm on Amazon and Target, EOS came in a close second to the brand. Both Chapstick and Blistex, two brands with quite the history, ranked after these two relatively new brands.

What can EOS do for your Lips?

If you’ve yet to discover the EOS brand for yourself, maybe the time has come to put down the tube of Chapstick and make the move. It is time to toss traditions out the door and evolve into someone that trusts the new and improved lip balms! Order online today, visit the Amazon store or the Evolution of Smooth.ca website.


A Look At The Lip Balm Flavors Offered By Evolution Of Smooth

About The Evolution Of Smooth Company

Evolution of Smooth is a beauty care company that manufactures and sells lip balms, lotions and creams. Its primary product for sale is lip balms. The company sells almost 1 million individual units of its all natural lip balm every single week. Evolution of Smooth is currently the second most popular lip balm brand in the United States, just behind leading lip balm company, Burts Bees, which is owned by Clorox.

What sets Evolution of Smooth apart from other lip balms is it commitment to use all natural and organic ingredients. EOS does not use parabens, phthalate or petroleum in its products. Gluten is also not used. Instead ingredients such as shea butter, an all natural and highly potent moisturizer is used. Another all natural ingredient found in EOS lip balms (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html) is beeswax, which is well known for its soothing and calming properties.

A Look At Some Of The Lip Balm Flavors You Can Try From Evolution Of Smooth

EOS lip balm has a lot of fruity and tasty flavors for you to sample when you are choosing an all natural lip balm for yourself. Here is a sample of the delicious flavors you will find available. A new flavor released during the holiday season is the vanilla bean flavor. It is reminiscent of vanilla ice cream or vanilla flavored cake. If you like mild and sweet flavored balms than this is a great choice for you.

If you like strong and exotic flavors then try the passion fruit, honeysuckle honeydew or summerfruit lip balm flavors. Less strong and more traditional flavors include blueberry acacia, strawberry sorbet, sweet mint and pomegranate raspberry. The flavors described above here are in the smooth sphere lip balm line by EOS. Other flavors to try include coconut milk, blackberry nectar and vanilla mint in the visibly smooth sphere line. Get this lip balm from most major retail outlets such as Target, Rossmann, Boots, Perfumania, Ulta and Amazon. Check out the EOS website and purchase right from the company.