End Citizens United And Beto O’Rourke Share Fundraising Strategy

Do you think a corporation is a person? Have you ever had an intimate conversation with McDonald’s? Ever high-fived a Walmart? No, you haven’t because corporations are not people. They do not live, breathe or eat. And corporations certainly should not have the rights of an American citizen.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court disagrees with this common sense. In 2010, five conservative Supreme Court justices handed down possibly the most ridiculous decision ever made. The Citizens United case expanded corporate personhood to grant corporations First Amendment protections.

Now McDonald’s, Walmart and the Koch Brothers are free to spend as much money as they’d like to buy commercials and campaign advertisements for their favorite candidates. This seems to be a violation of the First Amendment because the heads of these corporations do not speak for their employees. Unfortunately, employees of these companies are wrapped up into this, as well. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

End Citizens United is the answer to this ridiculous case law. This group is full of dedicated people who are united by the common goal of destroying the decision. They want to return the power of the vote to you, so you should pay attention to them and support them.

One of the most powerful tools at End Citizens United’s disposal is grassroots fundraising. The organization takes no money from large businesses. They only accept small donations from individuals much like Bernie Sanders in his 2016 presidential bid. They then use this money to support candidates who have promised to end Citizens United.

The group is currently in the state of Texas supporting upstart Beto O’Rourke in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz. Recent polling shows O’Rourke statistically tied with the incumbent in a race nobody thought would be close. But End Citizens United is doing a great job of getting the word out. They are trying to highlight the difference between these two men.

End Citizens United wants you to know that Beto O’Rourke does not take any corporate money donations. He only takes small donations from individual voters. He’s committed to fighting for the people of Texas in the nation’s capital.

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End Citizens United To Practice What It Preaches In Funding Campaigns

End Citizens United is gearing up for 2018 by marking a number of Republican incumbents for defeat. However, the Democratic political action committee will be following its own philosophy by avoiding large sources of funding.

In its “Big Money 20” program, the PAC expects to invest some $35 million to bring down Republican members of the U.S. Congress. This is some $10 million more than it spent in 2016. However, the organization is considered a traditional PAC and does not accept single donations of more than $5,000. Most of its funding thus comes in smaller donations made by its members.

The funds collected in its 2018 program will be used in 20 pivotal races, two of which involve the Senate and the rest the House of Representatives. The two Republican senators the PAC hopes to defeat are Ted Cruz of Texas and Dean Heller of Nevada. The House races will also take place in states that were both “blue” and “red” in 2016, including districts currently held by such Republicans as Dana Rohrbacher and Mimi Walters, both from California, and Will Hurd, who serves Texas.

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In its advertising, End Citizens United will emphasize finance reform and promote the need to remove large donations from the American political scene. This method proved fruitful in the 2016 U.S. Senate race in Nevada, which was won by Democratic candidate Catherine Cortez Masto. Research showed that voters who were not affiliated with major political parties responded favorably to the campaign finance reform message, with the issue apparently helping to secure a Democratic victory.

End Citizens United was established in 2015, five years after the U.S. Supreme Court decision that effectively eliminated restrictions on spending in American political campaigns. The PAC that adopted the name of the ruling is dedicated to tackling the issue of runaway spending. Based in the nation’s capital, End Citizens United has some three million members across the United States. Its current president is Tiffany Muller.

End Citizens United

End Citizens United or ECU for short, is an non-profit organization intended to counteract the forces of ‘Citizens United’. This political actions committee was founded in March of 2015 and has since been funded by grassroots donors. By passing state ballot measures along with a few other tactics, they hope to fix our rigged political system. This group of democrats is essentially fighting for reform.

End Citizens United has recently spoken on the subject of the 2016 election. Reports of Russian companies using tactics to influence the election is certainly old news to most Americans by now. As the investigation on the subject has ensued, more and more evidence has appeared. End Citizens United has pointed out the fact that the Russians weren’t the only swinging force in the election.

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Foreign money has also greatly impacted the outcome. Although prohibited in the campaign, foreign money can be tricky to keep out of it. This is possibly due to the relaxed set of laws that were put in place. Lawmakers have spent time in recent years trying to create a less strict set of laws pertaining to financial contributions in campaigns. Therefore, situations like the $100,000 dollar digital ad campaign uncovered by Mueller have been able to occur. It is unknown to officials exactly how much foreign money was spent during the 2016 election. Chinese nationals however, were able to donate $1.3 million to a Jeb Bush PAC due to a loophole in the system according to crunchbase.com. A shocking 15 cases pertaining to illegal foreign money have been investigated during the beginning of 2017 alone. The problem cannot be pinpointed on any one of the three branches of government, as all have contributed to the situation. The Supreme court however, made a bad decision in the 2010 case – “Citizens United v. the U.S. Federal Election Commission” as they decided to allow “speech” donations which essentially allowed the donations of labor groups to be unlimited. The fact that organizations wish to help a particular party in a campaign is not the issue. The issue is that when the laws are not strict enough, there are people who will use their money and power in an unjust manner, thus creating an unfair advantage. End Citizens United has since been pushing for change. From fundraisers to proposed measures, they have made a serious contribution to the change in our rugged system.

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