GTL Is Under Fire & Securus Technologies Helps Take Them Down

Securus Technologies is an interesting company. I have been impressed by some of their latest innovations with inmate communication platforms, especially their video visitations. It would be great for inmates to speak to their families through video-to-video conversations whenever they want. But I have to admit, finding out from PR Newswire that they are assisting an investigation that is a few years old on GTL or Global Tel Link really took me by surprise. It does make sense that Securus Technologies is so involved in doing the right thing since they have been servicing law enforcement and the public for years. See their BBB page.
The investigation they are helping with is the Louisiana Public Service Commission Investigation of GTL wrongdoings [], which are definitely a lot. The investigation began in January 21, 1998, and it was not until now that even more information is coming out, thanks to the good people at Securus Technologies.

GTL seems to be responsible for several unlawful acts that are frankly reprehensible and un-American in my perspective.  They were also raising tariffs without informing anyone and counting on the fact that most people will not pay attention to the details of their bills. The initial investigations concluded that the Louisiana taxpayer payed over 1,243,000 dollars because of GTL’s wrongdoings.

Learn more at about Securus.

The new information that Securus Technologies uncovered is promising to shed new light on the investigation and help ensure that these kinds of actions do not keep taking place. This is a company that understands that no American is subject to this kind of abuse. I have to say that I am happy to hear that, even though this company is huge, it is still looking out for the little guy.