Talkspace on How The Psychopath Claims The Victim Role

One of the common roles that have been claimed in recent days is the role of the victim. This is the type of role people play when they want to push away responsibility. This is also a role that they play in order to get attention, sympathy, or even admiration from others. At the same time, when they take on the role of the victim, they assign the role of the victimizer to someone. This is often a person who is unsuspecting. Another thing is that people that know the individual who has been blamed would know that he is not the type of person to do what he has been accused of.

Playing the victim is one of the traits of a psychopath that Talkspace describes. Talkspace goes into the victim role playing alone with other disruptive traits of a psychopath, particularly the one that is in the workplace holding a managerial position. One thing that the person who is blamed for “victimizing” the psychopath goes through are feelings of isolation. For one thing, a good amount of people turn against him in the workplace. This can also bring a lot of anxiety to the person as he is left finding out what he actually did wrong.

According to Talkspace, one of the reasons that psychopaths in the workplace play the victim is so that they can keep their reputation clean. This is one thing that they often put on the line. One thing the psychopath does understand is that the reputation is important. If one has a bad reputation, then other people are not going to want to work with him. At the same time, he does a lot of things to people that could tarnish his reputation. However, he is able to keep a good reputation regardless of evidence against him.