Clay Siegall: An Impassioned Dedication to Fighting Cancer

Clay Siegall, an award winning scientist, has dedicated both his professional and academic life towards alleviating the pain felt by cancer victims and their families. His impassioned dedication has not only seen him carry out several researches and publish over 70 scientific articles but also direct the resources of a company he cofounded, Seattle Genetics, towards finding innovative and cutting-edge cancer treatment and therapies. A George Washington University PhD in Genetics grandaunt, Siegall currently serves as the company’s president, chief executive officer and chairman. His tenure has marked a significant turnaround for the company’s fortunes. Through dedicated research, the company managed to develop an innovative drug, Adcetris, for cancer treatment. Currently, the drug is being used in over 60 countries around the world following FDA approval in 2011. Siegall has actively promoted cancer research; he raised over $1.2 billion in capital for cancer research in addition to his editorial duties for scientific journals.

Career and Academic History

Clay Siegall holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland where he specialized in zoology and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from George Washington University where he specialized in genetics. He worked as a research for several research companies and institutes including the National Cancer Institute up to 1997. In 1998, he cofounded Seattle Genetics where he has held senior positions for close two decades. He currently serves on the board of three companies in addition to his editorial duties on the editorial boards of three scientific journals. His award-winning dedication to scientific research has seen him awarded 15 patents.

Towards A Cure for Cancer

Clay Siegall is a scion of dedication within the cancer research community. He has dedicated not only his resources and intelligence towards cancer research, he also dedicated Seattle Genetics’ resources. He is driven by belief that a cure for cancer can be found with dedication to research and technology. His editorial duty is aimed at opening up the space for researchers while his fundraising activities are aimed at providing the capital required by the cancer research community. While the development and FDA approval of Adcetris marked a significant step towards finding a cure for cancer, Siegall believes the company has the capacity to increase the number to 12 new drugs in the near future.