The Verdict is in For Using WEN for Fine Hair

There are tons of hair care products out there that offer the same results. But most of those hair care products don’t live up to the standards we seek when it comes to our hair. There are 3 hair texture types: fine, medium, or coarse hair. Fine hair individuals face many obstacles when it comes to daily maintenance of the hair. The weight of products can leave fine hair looking dull and lifeless. WEN by Chaz is a hair care product that can be used with all hair types. Bustle featured an article about a woman with fine hair that decided to give WEN Hair a week-long trial to see if it will do what it claims it will.

For seven days she washed her hair in WEN. And each of those seven days left her pleased with the results. She noticed her hair felt and looked thicker. Her hair looked more radiant as WEN give her straight locks that beautiful shine. She did find that if she skipped her morning washing, that her roots looked dirty so in her experience with WEN, she shampooed every morning. And by the end of the day her hair looked just as vivacious as it did earlier in the day. So WEN used on fine hair was a total success in her book if you are a daily shampooer.

WEN was created by an upscale salon owner, Chaz Dean. According to, he owns and operates Chaz Dean Studios in Hollywood. His clients consist of many celebrities. He rose to success quickly and didn’t want to stop there. His passion is hair and he wanted to develop a hair care product line that is healthy for the hair without all those harsh chemicals that other products contain. It is affordable seeing how it replaces 4 other products that is used for maintaining the hair.

Wen hair care products are available on QVC drug stores and Guthy-Renker nationwide.

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