Ara Chackerian’s Contributions to the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian has contributed to the healthcare sector in various ways throughout his career. Using his entrepreneurial talents, he has been able to participate in the establishment of many healthcare companies that have grown to be the best health care centers serving thousands of patients. Chackerian has a bachelor’s degree in marketing he earned from Florida State University. Immediately after graduating from Florida State University, Ara Chackerian entered into the healthcare industry where he has been serving as an entrepreneur and investor for the past two decades. In his career, he has specialized in investing in healthcare companies at their early stages. You can visit





Achievements of Ara Chackerian in his Personal and Career Life




Ara Chackerian has managed to achieve a lot in his career including participating in the foundation of various healthcare companies and also bringing a revolution to the healthcare system of the United States. Being an ambitious and hardworking man, Ara Chackerian has enabled millions of Americans to get access to quality healthcare services through his multiple successful investments. One of the companies Ara has established includes the TMS Health Solutions which is based in California. He has also been able to hold various leadership positions for numerous companies which include PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostic, and also Evolute Consolidated Holdings among other companies he has had the opportunity of working for. For more details visit LinkedIn.




Ara Chackerian has always revealed in most of his interviews that he has always succeeded in almost everything he has focused to do in his life. He also confesses that he has been able to achieve a lot because of his determination, enthusiasm, and passion. However, he has not failed to state the fact that he has always faced a lot of challenges throughout his career. According to Ara Chackerian, challenges are inevitable in every field but the difference between those come out of these challenges successfully and those who fail is the way they handle their challenges. He is also known for providing useful advice to young investors who might have given in to the storms in the business world. Ara Chackerian is also a philanthropist who has contributed in various to the community around him and beyond.



OSI Group – Growing the American Dream beyond the Midwest

People who dine out – all of us – are OSI Group’s customers’ customer. This is an enterprise with a century-old history of passionately fulfilling all stakeholders’ needs. Holistically addressing these issues is how this company evolved from a Midwestern Mom-and-Pop shop to an international entity. Today OSI Group is one of the largest privately held enterprises according to Forbes magazine. It groomed its current president and Chief Operations Officer (COO), David McDonald, to bloom with their philosophy by placing him under the tutelage of Sheldon Lavin, chairman and CEO. As such, Mr. McDonald found one of the best ways to grow with the company; he immersed himself in operations and figuring out how to steer the organization.

This strategy was closely aligned with goal of fulfilling the all stakeholder needs – not just equity holders or customers but employees and suppliers as well. Ultimately this sometimes means change is necessary to bring about growth. OSI Group fosters relationships with its stakeholders by closely aligning its practices toward their goals like they did with McDonald’s. The COO has stated his passion for treating employees and partners, such as farms and processing plants, as a family. There is a quantitative aspect to this qualitative family approach. Without positive metrics simply being respectful and listening to stakeholder needs will not lead to success.

Clearly this enterprise is monitoring key performance indicators throughout the company, its partners and suppliers. Taking this holistic approach likely explains why OSI Group has earned so many awards for maintaining health and safety standards. OSI Group expanded beyond the Midwest to the world because of a few key philosophies. Fulfilling stakeholder needs is the route to growth. Customers are not the only stakeholders; suppliers and partners influence quality so treat them with respect. Make sure what is being done is working by measuring not only profit but also adhering to and excelling beyond industry standards. If you want to learn more about them : Click Here.

How Waiakea is Different From Other Water

The promise that Waiakea stands behind is something they take very seriously. They know how to help people and know how to give them the water to truly help them with the options they want. The company knows the importance of good water and knows the best is Hawaii volcanic water. Because Waiakea is so dedicated to helping their customers have the best water experience, they know the right way to manage the water they have and give others a chance to enjoy everything they do with the water. It’s their goal to keep offering excellent water to everyone who wants to try it.

Between the things they do and the options they have for other people, Waiakea knows what they can do to make the water better. They also know things will taste better because it came from the volcanoes of Hawaii. Since Waiakea is bottled right at the source, people don’t have to worry about where it came from or the problems they have with other water.


When Waiakea started bottling the water at the source, many people showed concern with the water and the ability of the company to keep the area clean if they had a bottling operation going on. Waiakea knew they could do it. They trusted in all the things they were doing and that made it easier for them to keep bottling water the right way. Their goal of doing things right allowed them to skyrocket to the top of the industry.


Now that Waiakea is successful, people see it as a company that’s doing the right thing. They see the company as a way to do things different from anything else they ever saw. They also see it as their way of creating positive influences for everyone who needs them. Since Waiakea is so good at helping people understand the options they have, they know it’s the best way to use the water and do things that will help them get better with the water they have. Waiakea will use this to keep growing and getting better all the time while they’re bottling.

CTCA- Clinical Nurse Specialist

Cancer is one of the top reasons for deaths all over the world. At some point in time, about 40% of individuals from both the genders stand a risk for this life-threatening disease. The number of deaths due to cancer is expected to cross 20 million in the long-term future. If it is detected early, the chances are likely that the patient would live longer than the one who gets treated in the final stages.If you are one of those individuals who want to help and make a difference in people’s lives who are suffering from this carcinogenic disease, there are plenty of rewarding career choices you could opt for. Let us look at some of them in detail:

 Clinical Nurse Specialist:

For you to work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, you need a master’s or an advanced degree in Oncology. They generally work in higher management roles and could be the first point of contact for the nurses. They also play a key role in optimizing the overall health care system.


Oncologists are the most specialized physicians who treat cancer. You need about eight to ten years of education which comprises of going to a medical school followed by a residency. They not only head a unit of specialized professionals, but also make high perks than a lot of their counterparts.


Radiologists are people who exact location of the tumor through x-rays and MRIs. For you to be a radiologist, you need to clear an exam to obtain a license and also finish the residency.

Radiation Therapist:

Majority of these individuals have a bachelor’s degree and are licensed professionals as it is a minimum requirement in almost all of the states. If your cancer is supposed to be treated by radiation, then you would definitely want to contact a radiation therapist.

Medical Physicist:

They are the ones who manage the chemotherapy procedures to reduce the size of the tumors. Master’s degree is a minimum requirement for you to be a medical physicist and also clear a board certification exam.Even though the careers in the field of Oncology are rewarding, they tend to be extremely challenging and needs a lot of hard work and commitment. So do you have what it takes?

Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky Brings Major Cancer Hope

At the age of 47, Eric Lefkofsky, one of Chicago’s most successful tech founders and business serial entrepreneurs, had no plans to start another company. Forbes reported that he already has a net worth of $1.7 billion, and now, because his wife had been diagnosed with breast cancer, he is willing to put hundreds of millions of his personal money into his new company, Tempus, so that it can remain self-funded and have that as an advantage over competitors who must rely on outside funding.

Eric, as CEO as well as founder, believes that Tempus will be the biggest company he has ever built, and, even more important, the most meaningful. Eric Lefkofsky believes that Tempus is at the frontline of a technology paradigm shift in healthcare by taking an approach to cancer treatment that is data-driven. It uses genomic sequencing and machine learning to understand a patient’s tumor and then proceeds to tailor a treatment plan best suited to combat it.

The mission of Tempus is to look inside the human body and create a molecular clinical library of information about the patient, look at the molecular composition, and then use that data to guide the care, usher in precision medicine, and help doctors to make the right decisions. A centralized database provides physicians with a report on previous cancer patients, finds ones that have similar clinical and molecular profiles as the current patients, and finds treatment options that are most likely to be effective.

Several physicians executive team supply the needed medical expertise, and the startup has grown to more than 150 employees, many of which are data scientists, with three to five new ones being added every week.

Measuring the success of Tempus may take as much as years to determine if the treatment options based on its data have helped save lives. However, the company has already been shown important favor from many of the top-rated cancer clinics, and Lefkofsky is perfectly willing to bet that much major money to prove that Tempus will become his most successful company ever.

He feels that it is time to put technology and big data to use to personalize cancer treatment and give physicians, patients and their families the fighting chance that they deserve.

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