Southridge Capital and the developments it has brought in the field of investment

Southridge capital is a firm that provides equity and deals with private placement transactions with small public companies that require additional financing to see through their business strategies, change operations or enforce a turnaround. The firm offers investment banking as well as securities brokerage services. Southridge Capital also works by investing in companies that are in need of outside equity capital to facilitate their growth and acquire the relevant assets.


Having been founded in 1996 by Mr. Stephen M. Hicks who is also the chief executive officer, Southridge Capital has been active since then and has eleven to fifty employees that effectively run the company’s activities. The company is based in Ridgefield and has additional offices in New York, California, Los Angeles and Ontario, Canada.

Since the company’s foundation, it has revolutionized financial solutions across the world and has helped thousands of people immensely. Southridge is always there to help if you need help with a particular debt or any other financial solution. They support you and get you back on your feet once again.


In addition to the firm’s support for people facing debts and financial challenges, Southridge Capital also manages hedge funds which are alternative investments using pooled funds that employ different strategies with the aim of achieving actual returns.

Currently Southridge capital works with tons of individuals that have debt issue or have their corporations in need of financial support. The company offers the highest level of professionalism and charge reasonable fees for every service they provide. So you will feel more secure with Southridge Capital than you necessarily would with other firms.

Southridge Capital has $47.5M in annual revenue, and the amount grows significantly every year. Also, the firm has a traffic of 1827 monthly web visitors to show that it is recognized globally as well. For more info you can visit



If you have financial difficulties, then it would be a nice idea to consult with the folks at Southridge Capital. Go through the benefits that the organization offers his clients and if you feel that a deal is suitable for you, grab it. Don’t let debts stop you from making a step forward and progressing with your life when Southridge is at your disposal. You can checkout for more details.




Equities First Holdings Will Surely Outlast Its Small List Of Competitors

Equities First Holdings has a unique business model that has been impressing its customers for many years. The company has been operating since 2002 and is set up as a company that offers loans with publicly traded stocks attached to them for security. Many people have been able to meet their long-term financial goals and business goals thanks to Equities First Holding, and the company operates in locations all over the globe.

The investment strategy of the company works by taking advantage of the natural rhythms and patterns of the market and has survived through more than one financial crisis that had no effect on the company. In 2013, Equities First Holding opened up its London Office and offered billions of dollars in loans. It also has offices in Australia, China, and the United States where its main offices are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Not many companies can offer half of what this company offers, and that is exactly what will keep its doors open for years to come.

Talos Energy on New Drilling Projects

In the recent past, there has been increased competition in the drilling industry and low prices of oil that make it quite challenging for companies to improve their production capacity. Most people believe that there are adequate oil reserves that can lead to the production of billions of barrels. This is a belief that attracts thousands of contractors in the oil drilling industry. PEMEX, which mainly operates in Mexico has discovered oil reserves in the coast of the country near the Sureste Basin.The Zama-1 well is estimated to make a massive recovery of up to 400-800MMbbl oil volume and can extend up to the area operated by PEMEX. Due to such significant discoveries, there is need to derive best valuations and finding the most effective strategies for operating at PEMEX.

Numerous distinguished drilling companies are much interested in the project to ensure that it becomes a success. The companies have to partner as soon as possible before the drilling project starts in 2019 or by the end of this year.Talos Energy and Premier Oil are among the companies that are interested the drilling project. To increase efficiency in appraisal planning, other vendors have already submitted engineering designs. The partners of Premier Oil are currently studying the feasibility of the projects to find out which one should start. It is worth noting that Premier is interested in the coast of Brazil because it had made the best prospects in the area.A plan has already been prepared to start the drilling campaign which is set to begin before the year 2020.

Premier has established a strong partnership with Petronas near the Atlantic Ocean along the coast of Mauritania. Unfortunately, the production was shut down. As a result, a drill ship is set on a mission to suspend the oil production on a temporary basis. The production will be permanently suspended if the government approves the abandonment of the field.Based on the current economic conditions, companies need to be highly competitive. Exploration of offshore energy is quite competitive thus requiring firms to be quite aggressive. Timely delivery of findings and provision of accurate data about the value of oil reserves should also be given. This is among the reasons as to why companies should strive to offer the best results.

Paul Mampilly Knows His Stuff All Day Long

Just who is Paul Mampilly and what makes him such a hot commodity in the world of business and financial management? Surely, the answer to that question is more complex and sophisticated than anyone can ever claim to know. But, at the same time there a definite down to earth qualities to the man that just make reaching for the same levels of success that knows somewhat inspiring.

However, to really understand Paul Mampilly and what a day in his life looks and feels like, the best thing to do is look at his past and the roads of live and learning that know him as a traveler. A good path to look take a look at from his past is the very same path that gets things started for him in the financial sector. And, that would be his education from Fordham University where he holds an MBA.


With a solid foundation and an even stronger will to find a way to provide service, Paul Mampilly leaves the world of kid gloves and child’s play behind when it comes to finding a way to make living for himself. To be more specific, he gets busy and stays that way for years to come into the decades managing and consulting on hedge-fund accounts for a cadre of clients and business’ clients. Just a couple of names off this list of clientele are the Deutsche Bank and the Kinetics International Fund.

And, as even as fascinating, gainful and educational as experiences such as these opportunities offer professionals in the financial field every day, there is always some more responsible to. To this end, Paul Mampilly finds a way to make a more individual mark in the world given his level of talent and commitment. And, the end results with the founding of Capuchin Consulting, which can easily be seen as the crown jewel in a brilliant career.

Finally at a point in his professional field where he can make a real different within the development of others who follow in the industry according to That is exactly what he does by providing quality work product in the way of research and analysis at rates that are reasonable while at the same competitive in the market. His deals are a win-win situation every time.

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Paul Mampilly Is Bringing A New Name To Business

In 2016 Paul Mampilly was able to join the company, Banyan Hill Publishing. He currently serves as their Senior Editor.

With this position he is able to specialize in helping Main Street Americans. This means that he is able to help them find wealth in growth investing. Along with that he is also able to help them with technology, small-cap stocks and also special opportunities.

Paul Mampilly got started with his career in 1991 on Wall Street. There he began as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust. After that, Paul was able to quickly advance in his career. He was giving the opportunity to manage multi-million dollar accounts after he was advanced to prominent positions at Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul Mampilly was recruited in 2006 to manage a hedge fund at a firm called Kinetics Asset Management. The firm was said to be worth over $6 million. With Paul’s help the firm was able to quickly grow to over $25 billion dollars.

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He had eventually went on to retire to where he could spend more time with his family. One of the main reasons though that Paul wanted to leave Wall Street though was because he didn’t feel like he was able to help enough people. He felt like there was a whole lot more people out there that could use help with investing.

One of Paul’s favorite things about what he does is that his help comes at a price that most Americans can afford. He stated that that just wasn’t something that you were able to find on Wall Street. He was able to finally begin to see his dreams brought to life though when he launched his flagship newsletter called Profits Unlimited. This is one dream that Paul Mampilly hopes to continue working at until he has reached the top.

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