Traveling world wine regions from home with Traveling Vineyard

Wine tasting tours let you experience new tastes in their growing and creation environment. If you don’t have the time or money to travel to the Napa Valley or to France, you can take a virtual tour via Traveling Vineyard.

Take a Tour from Home

Simply choose the wine regions you want to explore and a location for your tasting. Perhaps you don’t live around the corner from the bed and breakfast of France’s Aspasie winery nor Napa Valley’s 3-D Art Walk. You probably do live around the corner from a wine tasting representative from Traveling Vineyard. They visit you, offering a potential 21 wine varieties to taste, representing the wines of the world. You host a wine tasting at your home or a nearby park or hotel.

Traveling Vineyard trains representatives as at home sommeliers. You learn from your wine guide which foods pair well with which wines and learn the history of each wine region. Unlike expensive trips to California or France, you can experience these wines with your best friends. When you taste a new favorite, you can buy a bottle or two right then, just as you could at a vineyard tasting.

Become a Wine Guide

Does the life of a local wine guide sound ideal? Perhaps you’ve visited the Alsace or Champagne regions of France. Maybe you’ve climbed Mount St. Helena at Robert Louis Stevenson State Park between wine tastings. It could be you’ve done neither, but simply love wine learning. You could become a wine guide with Traveling Vineyard.

Unlike most small businesses or franchise opportunities, the materials to begin a local Traveling Vineyard cost $189. The company provides training in wines and in marketing and entrepreneurial skills. If you love wine, party planning and people, you could earn an income with those interests through Traveling Vineyard.

Whether you want to virtually tour and taste a wine region or conduct the tours, Traveling Vineyard can help. You don’t need to fund a trip to France’s Burgundy region or Napa Valley’s Round Pond Estate to do it.

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