Oily but Shiny Hair

Emily Mcclure decided that she was going to be one of the girls that tried out the ever popular Wen hair products, create by Chaz Dean, which she detailed on Bustle. There is no debating that this product line is extremely popular, as there are tons of women on facebook that love the product, and the commercials seem to be on every single day on television. After purchasing from Ebay.com some of WEN products, Emily gave Wen a shot for an entire week and documented the results with pictures and a thorough explanation.  Later on in the week she found that her hair was less oily when she would get up, but that if she did not use the product early in the morning that her hair would not feel great during the day.

She stated that her curls would get heavy on most days, but that other people pointed out that her hair looked amazingly shiny when she went out for drinks with her friends. Her opinion was that her hair felt amazing when she was actually taking a shower, but that she was taken aback by how much of the product that she was recommended to use with each application. Another thing she noticed was that there was less hair falling out when she was in the shower, which is something that typically happens to her when she is taking a shower, as she has longer hair. The general conclusion on WEN was that she thought it was a great product for some people, but that she had a mixed reaction to it.