FreedomPop’s Rapid Expansion Brings Free Data Service To Europe

FreedomPop is bringing its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service to twenty-five European markets, using twenty-five carriers, and it’s just the beginning of the wireless communications provider’s plans. FreedomPop just received $50 million in funding, in addition to the $140 million that FreedomPop already secured, making it possible for the company to offer their service throughout Europe without delay.

Europeans should embrace FreedomPop’s international plans, with 200 MB worth of free data each month and extra data costing just $10 per 500 MB. If customers buy a $10 SIM card, they can access a global hotspot for $50.

Nicholas Constantinopoulos, head of the MVNO’s international operations, says that existing paid customers are very loyal to FreedomPop, and customers who don’t pay for additional services are merely the cost of acquiring new, paying customers. The free voice and data lets FreedomPop stand out in Europe’s already crowded mobile virtual network operator market. Constantinopoulos also hints that new products and services are coming to Europe as the company continues its worldwide expansion. This story was originally reported on FierceWireless (