Neurocore: Furthering the science of the Brain

Neurocore: Helping our brains 1 study at a time.

Neurocore is a company that is dedicated to helping those in need. Whether you have migraine headaches every night or anxiety every morning, they will wake up with you and fight by your side to help. Read more about Neurocore at

Who are they?

Located in Florida and Michigan, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is a company that focuses on helping to improve the brain. They believe that the brain controls everything in your body, the way it moves and the way it feels, emotionally and physically. So any issue should be able to be addressed through the “re-training” of the brain.


Neurocore uses training programs to help re-program and re-train the brain. One way that they do that is by providing the patient with a movie to watch, and interrupting them when the patient becomes distracted. This is one method of re-training how the brain reacts.


They also offer help that far reaches beyond the walls of their building. Every study that they do creates new information and data that can be helpful for anyone that is in a similar situation to the patients that participate in their studies. They share this information with their own Dr.s and sometimes other Drs in order to help the cause on a national level.

Neurocore is dedicated to their patients through the work that they perform every day. Neurocore’s focus is on the betterment of the brain and the furtherment of science, and we can achieve that, than society will be a happier place. Visit to know more about Neurocore.