The Role of Online Reputation Managers in Suppressing Negative Search Results

A false or negative search result on the top page of search engines like Google is perhaps the nastiest thing that can transpire on your reputation. Any article, blog post, review, or a negative news story that paints either you or your company in a negative way can significantly affect the productivity of your company. The worst thing you can do when faced with reputation crisis is to panic and fail to take action.

What are the duties of reputation management companies?

Improving your online visibility

Online visibility goes beyond a fine-looking and a perfectly maintained website. A reputation manager will ensure your site is registered on online directories, which offer links back to your site. Incredible online visibility is a confirmation that your website is properly upgraded for search engines.

Monitoring the reviews and comments from public

A reputation manager will keep track of the comments posted by the public and respond to negative and positive feedback in a professional manner. They ensure that grievances of disgruntled clients are addressed on time.

Building social media presence

Most businesses start strong and create an impressive social media presence. Unfortunately, most of them either become lazy or lose interest and they are unable to maintain their social media accounts. This situation results in frustration among the many followers who need frequent updates and information concerning the particular business. Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are highly ranked on search results of popular search engines. Therefore, enabling public viewing and posting positive content is an excellent way to bury bad news.

How to bury negative search results

Most content available online is permanent, and the best way to suppress negative search results is building your positive information/content. Reputation managers can assist you in this step since they have the necessary expertise to create a high number of quality articles and news about your business. Google and legal authorities can help you to remove some pages, especially if they contain false or extremely sensitive information.

Bury Bad Articles

Bury Bad Articles is a well-known online reputation management firm that focuses on burying negative feedback, false reviews, and negative articles on behalf of clients (individual and corporate). The company carries out intensive research to determine how the negative articles affect the reputation of a person or entity. It comes up with innovative strategies for promoting the reputation of business by pushing the negative reviews further down the search results of accomplished search engines.