Why Drinking Waiakea Water Is Good For Your Health

Water is life. Most of the benefits of water, such as keeping the body hydrated to ensure that efficient operation of the body cell, have been discussed thoroughly in the media. However, individuals accrue different benefits by drinking adequate water. Some of these advantages have never been discussed in the media.

By drinking considerable amounts of water, one can look younger. When a person starts experiencing dry skin, he or she will turn to lotions and creams to keep the skin moisturized. Although this procedure seems to work for a few hours, it does not solve the problem that causes dry skin. The solution to moisturizing dry skin is drinking plenty of water. Consumption of the precious commodity reduces wrinkles and makes an individual appear younger. Since water is a valuable resource to the body, drinking less water will force the body to retain it leading to puffy skin and, in extreme cases, bloating.

Many people always wonder why diet and fitness programs always advise people to drink a lot of water. The truth is that keeping the body hydrated has been proven to help individuals lose weight. Water aids in suppressing one’s appetite and preventing fluid retention. Additionally, drinking enough water ensures that the liver is not involved in helping the kidney detoxify the body. This means that the liver can focus on metabolizing stored fat and reduce fat accumulation in one’s body.

Water makes the muscles stronger and enables one to work harder and longer. Although an individual might think that this information is far fetched, scientists say that these benefit results from the ability of water to carry oxygen to the muscle cells. By drinking enough water, one’s muscles are enriched with oxygen, thus becoming stronger. Learn more about Waiakea water: https://www.facebook.com/Waiakea/

Do you want to improve your brain function? The easiest and cheapest way is to drink more water. Just like in muscle tissues, water is used to carry oxygen to the brain. It is recommended that an adult should drink between 8 and 10 cups of water a day. With a properly hydrated brain, one can improve his or her cognitive performance by up to 30%.

Care must be taken to ensure that one drinks clean and safe water, which has the right mineral content. It is prudent to drink bottled volcanic water such as Waiakea water. Water’s total dissolved solids (tds) of 79 cause the crisp taste of the same. According to Organic Authority, the volcanic water, harvested from Waiakea spring, has low nitrate content since it has not absorbed impurities from the environment.