4Chan Users fail to trick people into not voting

November Midterms are only a few weeks away. While End Citizens United continues its fund raising efforts to back candidates who refuse to take corporate money, their opponents on the other side have tried unique if not very effective tactics to try to manipulate the vote. One such tactic aimed at younger voters who use social media was the NPC attack. NPC stands for non-player character, a term that originally comes from table-top role playing games. An NPC can move the plot along, but it is not controlled by one of the players, and is not the focus of an adventure.

Conservative-leaning Twitter and Facebook users created liberal accounts and encouraged Democratic voters, including ones who support End Citizens United, to vote on November 7. This year’s midterm elections take place on November 6. The pranksters who tried this found such accounts banned by Twitter and Facebook shortly after the accounts were made. These pranksters, many of whom were 4Chan users, felt they needed to use this strategy to counteract the lack of authenticity in politics. Follow the group on facebook.com

The younger typically male 4Chan users may have developed this strategy after Donald Trump mistakenly told his own supporters to go to the polls to vote on the wrong day. The now president’s mistake did not deter voters from coming to the polls on the right day, although End Citizens United opposed Trump’s candidacy. Despite his proud claims of funding his own campaign, Donald Trump took money from corporate donors.

End Citizens United wants to remind everyone that the general election takes place on the first Tuesday in November all across the United Sates. Calendars everywhere, including the one on most computers, show that the first Tuesday for November 2018 is the 6. No critic called the 4Chan voter disenfranchisement campaign clever or effective.

Visit: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/ 

End Citizens United And Beto O’Rourke Share Fundraising Strategy

Do you think a corporation is a person? Have you ever had an intimate conversation with McDonald’s? Ever high-fived a Walmart? No, you haven’t because corporations are not people. They do not live, breathe or eat. And corporations certainly should not have the rights of an American citizen.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court disagrees with this common sense. In 2010, five conservative Supreme Court justices handed down possibly the most ridiculous decision ever made. The Citizens United case expanded corporate personhood to grant corporations First Amendment protections.

Now McDonald’s, Walmart and the Koch Brothers are free to spend as much money as they’d like to buy commercials and campaign advertisements for their favorite candidates. This seems to be a violation of the First Amendment because the heads of these corporations do not speak for their employees. Unfortunately, employees of these companies are wrapped up into this, as well. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

End Citizens United is the answer to this ridiculous case law. This group is full of dedicated people who are united by the common goal of destroying the decision. They want to return the power of the vote to you, so you should pay attention to them and support them.

One of the most powerful tools at End Citizens United’s disposal is grassroots fundraising. The organization takes no money from large businesses. They only accept small donations from individuals much like Bernie Sanders in his 2016 presidential bid. They then use this money to support candidates who have promised to end Citizens United.

The group is currently in the state of Texas supporting upstart Beto O’Rourke in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz. Recent polling shows O’Rourke statistically tied with the incumbent in a race nobody thought would be close. But End Citizens United is doing a great job of getting the word out. They are trying to highlight the difference between these two men.

End Citizens United wants you to know that Beto O’Rourke does not take any corporate money donations. He only takes small donations from individual voters. He’s committed to fighting for the people of Texas in the nation’s capital.

View: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/