Making Friends With Skout

February 2 2016 was International Online Friends Day. If you take a look at your web use, you will most likely find that you too have a number of different online friends. Whether you took part in this holiday celebration or not, some truths remain in that regard. One such truth was revealed in a survey, which said that about three out of every four people have online friends that they have never met up with in person. When scrolling through your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you will most likely see that this is true with you as well.

Do you fall within this category? If so, there is an app that will allow you to meet brand new people online and then take those friendships to the next level by planning to meet up with them in person. This app, called Skout, is used in more than 180 different countries all over the globe.

The parameters that we used to stick to when it comes to friendship have changed greatly. Because of this, you should never box yourself in by only meeting up with people one way. This app will allow you to meet up with people on your terms in ways that you would probably never have before. It is a social media platform that will allow you to converse with people either right where you live or all over the planet. The app has people who speak 16 different languages. It is available no matter what kind of mobile device you are using. So whether you are an Apple user, Android user, or using the app on your cell phone or your tablet, you will be able to take advantage of this app.

It lets you use the GPS feature in order to find people in your area who may be out socializing just as you are. So that once chance meeting at a bar does not have to be chance anymore, because this app allows you to be more purposeful and how you meet up with people. It your marketplace and download this app today to begin making some wonderful friends from all over the world.