The Life of Yanni Hufnagel

According to Jon Rothstein, a CBS college basketball analyst, Yanni Hufnagel was one of the youngest college assistant coaches he had ever met. His sense of humor, the power of understanding the ability to relate with almost everyone was one on the just but a few attributes he possessed. Yanni Hufnagel was fond of recruiting new players who grasped the concept of basketball. Additionally, Jon Rothstein explained further how Yanni Hufnagel was passionate about whatever program he was doing. The young assistant coach could not be stopped by anything. He always made things work out for the better.


Yanni Hufnagel’s devotion and taking pride in what he did transform him into one of the brightest and hardworking assistant coach in the country. He rose from lower ranks to become an assistant coach in only a few years. During one of his interviews in a cab sometime back, he talked of how his passion has made him who he is today. He spoke of believing in yourself and having that driving force was what was the need in making a change in one’s life.


He was a visionary ever since he was a young kid. At 16 years old, he used to analyze matches on how the players were defending, attacking and generally how they played the game. According to his longtime partner Bill Raftery, Yanni Hufnagel was an extraordinary kid at the time, and his love for the game could be seen back then. Later after his broadcasting career as an analyst, he moved to a Cornell as a manager for the students but did not part in any severe coaching activities until his age 23. He later worked as a graduate assistant for Jeff Capel for sometime before working with Blake Griffin, who later became an NBA superstar as well.


He further attributed his success to the friendly relationship between him and his former colleagues, Jeff and Blake. The advice and work ethics that he received while working around them was the turning point in his life. He later got his first ever coaching experience at Harvard when he was an assistant coach under Tommy Amaker, and he performed exemplary.

Rodrigo Terpins the Rally Guru.

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name in Brazil known for his driving skills in rally competitions across the country. Rodrigo is famous for the Sertoes rally, an annual off-road race in Brazil. The spirit of sports was grown and natured from a young age with the help of his family that has also ventured into the sports career. The family boast of having a father, Jack Terpins as a former basketball player and a brother, Michael Terpins who is in the rally industry.

The duo Michael and Rodrigo formed the Bull Sertoes rally team in 2015 and had competed in many events scooping rewards along the way. The performance of the Bull Sertoes has earned them recognition all over Brazil as a top racing team. The pair has been using the T-Rex as their go-to car to maneuver along the rough 2600 Kilometer terrain in the Sertoes rally.


MEM Motorsport is the maker of T-Rex and also the sponsor of Bull Sertoes. The car has been developed to provide more power and control during the competition. The car has a V8 engine in place to give it speed while veering the rough terrain. The Bull Sertoes managed to win the second stage of the rally to finish in the eighth position overall among the teams the participated. Check out



The pair has been able to make Jack Terpins proud as the spirit of sports continues to run through the family even after he retired as an athlete. Jack Terpins has now ventured into the real estate industry as he currently is an executive member of at a real estate company. Rodrigo has taken over his father as he pursued business management skills while at the University of Sail Hilaire.

Rodrigo has worked at Lojas Marisa for more than ten years taking up the top coveted position of president after steadily rising the ladder. Rodrigo later left the company in 2007 to start his own in 2008 called T5 Participacoes. Despite the various executive seats that Rodrigo holds rallying dearly to his heart as he uses his company to organize racing events in the country. You can visit Terra for more.


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