Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Best Cosmetic Services In Dallas

Dr. Rod Rohrich is considered to be one of the cosmetic surgeons in the city of Dallas. His name is known as an innovative and educator in the Plastic Surgery industry. Dr. Rod is also involved in University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as the founding member of the Department of Plastic Surgery. With his decades of experience as a practitioner in Plastic Surgery, you can expect the best services when it comes to Cosmetic Services.

Services offered in Dr. Rod Rohrich’s medical clinic includes Rhinoplasty, which is the reshaping and changing the appearance of the nose. Dr. Rod Rohrich is known to regularly perform the procedure in this office with great success. Rhinoplasty is a surgery that that modifies some or all of the following: the tip of the nose (bulbous tip, boxy tip, and droopy tip), dorsal hump reduction, and deviated septum. He performs open rhinoplasty and endonasal or closed rhinoplasty.

Dr. Rod Rohrich also performs facelift surgery, which aims to make the face look younger. The facelift is a complex surgery and does not have a standard procedure because faces don’t look the same. Dr. Rohrich is the one who first used the “lift-and-fill” facelift procedure and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Rohrich believes that the two most important thing to consider before undergoing cosmetic surgery is 1) your feelings about your appearance now and 2) what you hope for the outcome after the surgery.

You can also make a consultation for Breast Surgery in Dr. Rod’s clinic. Breast Surgery or Breast Augmentation enhances appearance and self-esteem. Dr. Rod deems the best candidates of surgery are women who are looking for improvement and not perfection.

Secondary Rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty is the procedure done to restore the shape of the nose and its function. This is usually done when damage and trauma caused deformation of the nose. This surgery is also done to remove difficulties in breathing as long as the cause is based on the nasal cavity.

Dr. Rod J. Rodrich also offers Blepharoplasty, Cosmetic Fillers, Botox, Liposuction, and Chemical Peel. He also specializes in Arm Lift, Bread Reduction, and Breast Reconstruction. If you’re also interested in Laser Resurfacing, Lip Augmentation, Gynecomastia, and Abdominoplasty, you can give Dr. Rodrich a call.

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