What Shervin Pishevar Thinks About Starting a Company

Twitter is a wonderful tool that allows everyone to speak their mind. In some cases, it can lead to interesting ideas such as those presented by Shervin Pishevar. His tweet storm in February 2018 lasted for 21 hours and was widely talked about in the media. Here are a few of the key points that he made during his social media vent session.

Business Ownership Is a Decentralized Idea Today

As technology evolves and attitudes toward business creation change, there will likely come a day when you won’t have to leave home to start a future Fortune 500 company. Instead, you can simply reach out to investors and customers online from wherever you live. According to Shervin Pishevar, the idea of being a business owner has gone viral and spread throughout the country and the world. This could lead to startups being founded overseas that are just as competitive as those in the United States.

We Need to Think More Like Elon Musk

The United States won’t have the infrastructure necessary to retain our role as the world’s top economic power without some sort of long-term goal to improve roads and airports. Shervin Pishevar believes that the United States needs to follow the example of Elon Musk and start looking into ways to modernize transportation. He cited the Chinese ability to construct a train station in nine days as a reason why we won’t be able to compete in the long run.

The Era of Early Stage Startups Is Over

Google, Facebook and Amazon are likely going to keep smaller new companies from gaining traction in the United States. Going forward, most startups will be created in other countries according to the thoughts espoused by Shervin Pishevar. Combined with changes in the way companies are started and grown, it is likely that California is starting to lose or has already lost its status as the dominant force in the startup landscape.


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