Krishen Iyer and what he intends to accomplish with Managed Benefits Services

When Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefits Services and became its CEO, he took on a mission to make the firm a major player in the insurance industry. He is known for his ability to manage some of the best companies such as NMP Insurance Distribution and Marketing Co.




Managed Benefits Services takes a different approach where it works towards satisfying a segment of the market with unique needs. As such, it provides a platform where online partners can conduct various businesses. The platform provides a marketing solution for many players since companies can introduce multiple brands that are differentiated from competitors by their unique attributes.




Iyer saw a wide gap between lead-generation and the potential partners in the market. He, therefore, sort to create a service that would connect lead-generation companies with prospective partner firms.




By doing so, he was not only able to create a platform for businesses but also created employment to multiple individuals.




Managed Benefits Services specializes in using robust data analytics to review the profiles of each company as an effective marketing strategy. The company undertakes numerous campaigns on behalf of firms and helps them to gain more traffic and create new business opportunities.




Krishen Iyer is also the founder and manager of Iyer Real Estate Co., a company that oversees all his philanthropic works.




The aim of Managed Benefits Services is to form an efficient platform that will meet the needs of each client. Krishen Iyer believes in optimizing every marketing campaign and maintains that it is the most effective way of marketing for lead-generation companies. As such, he diverted from the usual consulting approach to the marketing direction when setting up Managed Benefits Services.


How to Benefit from Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an app designed with the average business owner in mind. It provides a range of video services that will enable you to better connect with your co-workers, employees and even customers. There has never been an app quite like Talk Fusion, and this is why it has been one of its kind since its inception back in 2007. The company has been around for over a decade, and this is just reason enough for you to give them a try because of all of the experience that they have in the industry for those who run their own companies.


There are a couple of different services that Talk Fusion provides to their customers. You can make use of video email marketing and messaging as well as have the ability to set up video conferencing and meetings. Many who have tried Talk Fusion also use it for their live chat sessions, which are clear and concise. The quality of the video through the Talk Fusion app is well-known for being clear and easy on the eyes. This means that you’re making use of a quality app that is unlike anything you might have tried in the past because you needed this type of program to get your company off the ground.


There are tons of reasons to use Talk Fusion and all of the services that they offer to those who have created an account. One reason is because Talk Fusion has all of these communication options right on one account, so you do not have to download multiple apps just to make use of all of the services that Talk Fusion has available to you. Plus, the Talk Fusion app is secure and safe, so you can discuss a wide range of different things through video without worrying that anything is going to be breached in security.


You can visit the Talk Fusion app or site to learn more about this award-winning program. Millions have already made use of Talk Fusion and have been more than satisfied with the type of work that the company has done for them. If you would like more information, you can also contact Talk Fusion and talk to them about what you are looking to do and how to create your own account. The app is available on computers and mobile devices, which enables you to make use of conferences and meetings even if you are far away from the office. In fact, many business owners who travel for a living use Talk Fusion because of the quality of connection that they get no matter what their signal happens to be at the moment that they open the app and begin to use it. Learn more:

Cassio Audi, Playing Fire As A Heavy Metal Drummer

Early on in his music career, Cassio Audi played drums as a member of the Rock group, Viper. Viper released two full albums, from 1985-1987, entitled, Soldiers of Sunrise and The Killera Sword. They also had a demo album in 1985, Project SP Metal. The genre in which Viper excelled was Metal and as a group, they were well regarded by the public. Their most popular single was a punk version of “I Fought the Law,” in 1995.

Cassio Audi’s playing style was influenced by the American heavy metal scene happening in the 80s. He was regarded as a straight-edge drummer, who played with passion. It’s rather surprising, because one rarely thinks about a Heavy Metal band actually originating from Brazil, as Viper did. Although, the group was inactive for a number of years; today they still play around São Paulo. Their official return to the music business was in 2001.

Viper cut their first demo single in the mid-80s, prior to releasing the full album, “Soldiers of Sunrise.” Most people don’t realize what a great commercial success the band was. They had a full discography, and the group continued making music at select venues. Even releasing another album in 1989, which was very popular among the Viper devotees. So much so that it went on to sell out, beating out other groups such as Van Halen and Nirvana in album sales that year.


It seems that Viper has maintained a loyal base of international fans in places as far away as Japan. In fact in Japan, the group went on to release a few additional singles. One of which was, “Maniacs in Japan.” When the lead singer left the band to pursue his educational interests; Cassio and the other members developed a decidedly edgier sound with harder Metal chords and drum solos.

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Honey Birdette Looking to Prosper Overseas

Rising Australian lingerie company Honey Birdette is gradually developing a global market for its product.

The sexy and fashionable lingerie brand, started by Australian businesswomen in 2006 has quickly claimed popularity overseas, first in the U.S. and now potentially in the United Kingdom.

Honey Birdette is known for its lingerie boutique chains which caters to a more moderate crowd but still is more risqué than commercial retailers such as Victoria’s Secret, but short of hardcore erotica.

After experiencing impressive success Down Under, Honey Birdette invaded the U.S. market in 2010. Over the past year, online sales in the U.S. have increased by nearly 400 percent. This has prompted the decision-makers at Honey Birdette to launch more direct e-commerce site for the U.S. market. The aim is to grow the American market by promising faster delivery service and free delivery of orders $50 or more.

The larger and more focused online thrust at the U.S. market is only part of the most recent business moves by Honey Birdette. The Australian lingerie chain is looking to dramatically increase its presence in the United Kingdom. In addition to potentially unveiling brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S., Honey Birdette is looking to increase its retail stores in the UK from the current three to as many as 40 by the end of 2018.

With 55 stores in its native Australia, Honey Birdette is also eyeing other major markets on the European continent and it seeks to develop a more global presence for its sexy lingerie brand.

Whether it is bras, briefs, panties, or suspenders and stockings, Honey Birdette is looking to showcase its sexier lingerie lineup to greater parts of the globe. These recent developments suggest that they are ramping up for a possible rapid expansion in the coming years.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

For most any situation, time plays a critical factor in whether a plan is to yield success or not. This is especially true in the field of medicine. For this very reason, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has a partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a treatment plan. The program is called Clinical Pathways and its purpose, from design, is to make the practice of medicine as secure, efficient and effective as possible. This program brings together the EHR (Electronic Health Record) of Allscripts and the NantOS (Operating System) to assist doctors in informing one another while they work on a patient’s treatment. Hundreds of oncologist have put their personal foibles and egos aside to really put the lives of their patients first, for the inception of this project.

As stated in the article, for the first time in the history of treating cancer, the very research and information gathered about it no longer gets in the way of combatting the disease. One feature to the program includes customized treatment regimens that evolve with the state of the patient’s treatment. Another aspect of using this program is that it makes comparisons between treatment options while taking a look at factors like saving costs from the patient point of view. And, there are many other functions that make successful treatment of cancer more possible through this program. The best part is that all of this happens in real time.

This program is perfect for the Cancer Treatment Center of America because they only operate with precision when comes to the services they provide. Everything is personalized when it comes to the medicine offered by these professionals. They have a history of providing this level of care for about thirty years. The care that never quits is also integrative. The professionals that run this establishment are so caring they even they try to make getting to their facilities easier on the patients. How many other clinics can honestly say that?

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