Traveling Vineyard: The Road To Prosperity

Do you love wine and love discussing it with others? Do you love learning about the flavors of different wines and chatting with your friends and neighbors about the different overtones? Maybe you can turn your interest into a business with Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is an opportunity for wine enthusiasts to share their passion and knowledge with others while earning money. Yes, it is a direct sales system, but Traveling Vineyard has embraced a model that renders the sales aspect comfortable and entertaining rather than intimidating.

By this point, you are probably wondering where in the house you could possibly store cases of wine to sell. Part of the Traveling Vineyard system is that you do not invest money or space in the products you sell, so your basement is safe.
Like other opportunities of this kind, Traveling Vineyard does require a start-up investment. However, unlike most similar ventures, this initial investment is small. You invest $189 for your Success Kit. The contents of your Success Kit more than repays your initial investment.

Your Success Kit includes: $150 worth of wine; $115 worth of wine accessories and related equipment and $25 worth of promotional and training material. Not listed here is open access to the Traveling Vineyards online training site which provides a wealth of information on wine, pairings, and managing your business.

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After the first 90 days of your association with Traveling Vineyard, you are charged about $16 per month for the maintenance of your personal website. Of course, the supplies in your start up Success Kit will not last forever so you will have to replenish them. However, most of our associates manage this through the credit they amass.

When you join Traveling Vineyards, you join a team designed to support and encourage your success. Your first associate in the business is your leader, assigned as soon as you register with Traveling Vineyards. Your leader is more than someone who pushes you; your leader is your closest contact in the business providing essential information on how to conduct your business, answers to your questions and insight into next steps.

Visit our website to learn more about Traveling Vineyards to see if life as a Traveling Vineyards representative is for you. Read success stories posted by representatives on LinkedIn, blogs about the experience and delve into the wealth of information about running your own Traveling Vineyards business.