Doe Deere’s Makeup Salvation: Lime Crime

Doe Deere Guest of a Guest
Makeup is something that many people, including Doe Deere, are very passionate about. Whether the people like to leave the house looking like they were just made over or whether they simply liked to have options that were fun, Doe Deere knew that something needed to change in the makeup industry and she felt that she was going to be the one to make that change. She was, after all, one of the most influential makeup and style bloggers at the time and knew that she could use that to her advantage when designing makeup for people who loved colorful makeup.

Before Lime Crime hit the scene, colorful makeup was not safe for people to use. It came from faraway places like China and had ingredients that had proven to be harmful in the past. It was not good for people and was often tested on animals which caused major problems for people who just wanted to buy colorful makeup. They chose to bite the bullet and use the makeup or simply succumb to the problems that came with wearing traditional makeup. The main problems being tones of red, boring beige and browns that blended well.

Doe Deere was fed up with it and decided that she was going to make a change. She didn’t want to show her blog readers another video on how to change their makeup looking using only the things that they could find at their local department store. She wanted to show them looks that they would love and not just sort of like. She wanted them to be entranced with the high-quality ingredients in makeup that also created bold looks. She did all of this for herself, too, because she really wanted bold makeup that was easy to access and safe to use.

Enter Lime Crime. The brand stands for people who want to stand out from the crowd. There are no browns, maroons or beiges in the group of makeup. Even the foundation comes in colors like white and whiter. Doe Deere designed makeup for people who want to look different. She knows that it is perfect for people who want different looks. Even people who have never tried a full-face of bold makeup will be able to use some of Lime Crime’s options like the green eye shadow or the bright pink lipstick. Lime Crime is makeup for everyone who has a face.


Helane Morrison’s Life and Accomplishments

Helane Morrison is a compliance officer that has proven to be very effective in her career. As of right now, she is serving as the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners which is a very successful investment company. Helane Morrison is someone who has exposed a lot of unethical behaviors in the business world. One common thing she has exposed is fraudulent handling of business. She has exposed a lot of businesses that were dishonest during the economic crash that started in 2007. During this economic crash, a lot of people lost trust in these institutions.

One thing that could be said for Helane Morrison is that she is very proactive when it comes to standing against unethical behaviors of businesses and financial institution. During one of the most serious crises since The Great Depression, Helane Morrison has shown a lot of bravery and wisdom in revealing all of the corruption and taking steps to correct the problem. However, Helane Morrison was not self made. She has received a lot of inspiration from various mentors. Among the mentors that she has looked up to is Harry A Blackmun.

Blackmun is someone who fought really hard for social justice. He has received a lot of opposition and even threats from people who stood against what he believed. Morrison has looked to him as an example on how to handle injustice and opposition. He also showed Morrison the cutthroat nature of the business and prepared for everything that she could face. Helane Morrison has developed a thick skin in her field which helped her fight against every case of unethical business behavior that she has come across. As of right now, Helane is using her services at Hall Capital. She is one of the leaders of this investment firm.