CTCA- Clinical Nurse Specialist

Cancer is one of the top reasons for deaths all over the world. At some point in time, about 40% of individuals from both the genders stand a risk for this life-threatening disease. The number of deaths due to cancer is expected to cross 20 million in the long-term future. If it is detected early, the chances are likely that the patient would live longer than the one who gets treated in the final stages.If you are one of those individuals who want to help and make a difference in people’s lives who are suffering from this carcinogenic disease, there are plenty of rewarding career choices you could opt for. Let us look at some of them in detail:

 Clinical Nurse Specialist:

For you to work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, you need a master’s or an advanced degree in Oncology. They generally work in higher management roles and could be the first point of contact for the nurses. They also play a key role in optimizing the overall health care system.


Oncologists are the most specialized physicians who treat cancer. You need about eight to ten years of education which comprises of going to a medical school followed by a residency. They not only head a unit of specialized professionals, but also make high perks than a lot of their counterparts.


Radiologists are people who exact location of the tumor through x-rays and MRIs. For you to be a radiologist, you need to clear an exam to obtain a license and also finish the residency.

Radiation Therapist:

Majority of these individuals have a bachelor’s degree and are licensed professionals as it is a minimum requirement in almost all of the states. If your cancer is supposed to be treated by radiation, then you would definitely want to contact a radiation therapist.

Medical Physicist:

They are the ones who manage the chemotherapy procedures to reduce the size of the tumors. Master’s degree is a minimum requirement for you to be a medical physicist and also clear a board certification exam.Even though the careers in the field of Oncology are rewarding, they tend to be extremely challenging and needs a lot of hard work and commitment. So do you have what it takes?