Is William Saito The Real Deal in Information Technology?

William Saito, a successful investor and capital venture expert, is the man of the hour. He has worked with some of the most high-profile organizations in Japan. This includes being a Foundation Board Member of the affluent World Economic Forum as well as being a trusted Councilman to the Prime Minister of Japan. William Saito got his start by following his personal passion in life. Advanced technology is his forte, and he has used these devices to earn a handsome living. His love for technology dates back to his childhood days in Los Angeles, California.

Finding technological solutions that people can benefit from in real-time is where he becomes a standout. This guy is definitely a security expert, especially when it comes to cyberspace. William Saito has been founding IT companies since he was in junior high school, and he has been programming computers since his elementary days. That’s right! “For organizations, information security and cybersecurity can be extremely advantageous,” said William Saito. This is where he definitely shines amongst a sea of competitors. As of 2018, becoming more tech-savvy is a great way to go because the world is constantly changing with the times. Computer software, high-definition televisions and smartphones are just some of the most basic forms of advanced technology. The real task comes from providing security for very important people or to protect sensitive data. Saito has stated that “the world is headed toward a more mobile-centric model.” He uses a variation of technological software on a daily basis, including SaaS, Sales Force and Office 265.

What awards or recognition has he achieved? Nikkei named him as one of the “100 Most Influential People In Japan,” he teaches at various universities in Japan, he’s a television commentator, and he has worked as an advisor at MEXT and METI.