Krishen Iyer and what he intends to accomplish with Managed Benefits Services

When Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefits Services and became its CEO, he took on a mission to make the firm a major player in the insurance industry. He is known for his ability to manage some of the best companies such as NMP Insurance Distribution and Marketing Co.




Managed Benefits Services takes a different approach where it works towards satisfying a segment of the market with unique needs. As such, it provides a platform where online partners can conduct various businesses. The platform provides a marketing solution for many players since companies can introduce multiple brands that are differentiated from competitors by their unique attributes.




Iyer saw a wide gap between lead-generation and the potential partners in the market. He, therefore, sort to create a service that would connect lead-generation companies with prospective partner firms.




By doing so, he was not only able to create a platform for businesses but also created employment to multiple individuals.




Managed Benefits Services specializes in using robust data analytics to review the profiles of each company as an effective marketing strategy. The company undertakes numerous campaigns on behalf of firms and helps them to gain more traffic and create new business opportunities.




Krishen Iyer is also the founder and manager of Iyer Real Estate Co., a company that oversees all his philanthropic works.




The aim of Managed Benefits Services is to form an efficient platform that will meet the needs of each client. Krishen Iyer believes in optimizing every marketing campaign and maintains that it is the most effective way of marketing for lead-generation companies. As such, he diverted from the usual consulting approach to the marketing direction when setting up Managed Benefits Services.