OSI Group: A landmark in the food industry

A private company, OSI Group, has its roots in America and is currently operating in 17 different countries and providing around 65 facilities. It deals in food services, and meat processing at a wide area and its headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois.

Now, the the Group has further added an extension in the capacity of meat production. At first, they were producing 12,000 tons of chicken per year, but with the increment, now they can easily generate up to 24,000 tons chicken each year. That makes up the total of 45,000 tons of pork, beef and chicken products altogether.
This increment in business created a lot of jobs for the people who were previously unemployed. They hired approximately 140 people along with the position of a development manager.

In 2016 Chamber of Commerce, recognized their services in providing employment opportunities and awarded the Group in this regard. A new production line in the extension of the building now is spread out on 22,600 square feet with highly developed technology and machines for the kitchen. Moreover, refrigerated rooms, employee lounge, supply storage area, shipping and receiving spots were also taken in due consideration.

David McDonald, the chief executive officer of the Group, expressed his views and said that the expansion is aimed at increasing the product’s portfolio and enhancing retail services relevant to food. He has been serving OSI Group at different administrative posts from many years and therefore, he owes credit of their success

OSI Groups also keep a check and balance to prevent environmental issues. Management, administration, and employees always go for measures which ensure ecological sustainability and reduce pollution.

The British Safety Council awarded International Safety Award to OSI Group in 2017. This award was meant to appreciate the keen importance given to health and hygiene. In 2013, 2015 and 2016, OSI Group was awarded The Globe of Honor by The British Safety Council. It depicted that OSI Group has done outstanding work in managing environmental challenges. All the hard work and dedication shows that the Group is always active and remains abreast with the growing needs and satisfies its customers across the world.

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