End Citizens United And Beto O’Rourke Share Fundraising Strategy

Do you think a corporation is a person? Have you ever had an intimate conversation with McDonald’s? Ever high-fived a Walmart? No, you haven’t because corporations are not people. They do not live, breathe or eat. And corporations certainly should not have the rights of an American citizen.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court disagrees with this common sense. In 2010, five conservative Supreme Court justices handed down possibly the most ridiculous decision ever made. The Citizens United case expanded corporate personhood to grant corporations First Amendment protections.

Now McDonald’s, Walmart and the Koch Brothers are free to spend as much money as they’d like to buy commercials and campaign advertisements for their favorite candidates. This seems to be a violation of the First Amendment because the heads of these corporations do not speak for their employees. Unfortunately, employees of these companies are wrapped up into this, as well. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

End Citizens United is the answer to this ridiculous case law. This group is full of dedicated people who are united by the common goal of destroying the decision. They want to return the power of the vote to you, so you should pay attention to them and support them.

One of the most powerful tools at End Citizens United’s disposal is grassroots fundraising. The organization takes no money from large businesses. They only accept small donations from individuals much like Bernie Sanders in his 2016 presidential bid. They then use this money to support candidates who have promised to end Citizens United.

The group is currently in the state of Texas supporting upstart Beto O’Rourke in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz. Recent polling shows O’Rourke statistically tied with the incumbent in a race nobody thought would be close. But End Citizens United is doing a great job of getting the word out. They are trying to highlight the difference between these two men.

End Citizens United wants you to know that Beto O’Rourke does not take any corporate money donations. He only takes small donations from individual voters. He’s committed to fighting for the people of Texas in the nation’s capital.

View: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/


The Battle Against Pelvic Disorders: The Arrival Of Renovia Inc.

Raising money for research purposes has always been the way to go for those seeking to bring better ways of health and longevity to those in need of such help. Marc Beer, a co-founder of the startup Renovia Inc., has done just that. Raising $42 million is the amount raised for this new venture. Just what is the research and how does it help those in need?


Renovia Inc is a women’s health company, and Marc Beer has over 25 years of experience in the biotech industry. Who is a better person to lead a round of funding than an individual with a proven track record of success and deep history in the pharmaceutical field? The money raised will go towards the development of four newer products aimed at treating pelvic disorders and other such ailments in women. Pelvic disorders affect many women worldwide, in fact, more than 200 million women are affected by disorders across the globe.


Marc Beer has a deep history that is not overlooked by investors. This is the reason he was successful at raising capital to fund this new line of research. Renovia’s first product, Leva, was approved by the FDA earlier this year in April. The funding recently raised by Marc Beer will also improve upon the Leva device in ways that will better assist those who need it. Lowering the cost of health care over the long run is also a goal of Renovia. This goal is reached by presenting new treatment options for patients as well as greater knowledge of pelvic disorders. These are a few ways Renovia plan on making the fight against pelvic disorders successful.


Having a background in the commercialization and development field has given Marc Beer a clear advantage amongst his peers. Marc, Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie founded Renovia in 2016. This is the trio that was successful in receiving the necessary funding to press forward in research and development methods for the battle against pelvic disorders. Marc serves with the Miami University Business Advisory Council and holds a BS from the University of Miami (Ohio). With a history of research and development, Marc has dedicated his life to various companies and ha continued to set a fine example of what an executive is supposed to represent when leading a company.


Many more pages can be written of the benefits of having an individual such as Marc Beer on board as a leading member of any company, and his continued research and development will not go unnoticed by the world at large. With more and more cases of pelvic disorders coming forth, better treatments were sure to arise as well. Thanks to Renovia, that solution is not far off. Learn more : https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer

Southridge Capital and the developments it has brought in the field of investment

Southridge capital is a firm that provides equity and deals with private placement transactions with small public companies that require additional financing to see through their business strategies, change operations or enforce a turnaround. The firm offers investment banking as well as securities brokerage services. Southridge Capital also works by investing in companies that are in need of outside equity capital to facilitate their growth and acquire the relevant assets.


Having been founded in 1996 by Mr. Stephen M. Hicks who is also the chief executive officer, Southridge Capital has been active since then and has eleven to fifty employees that effectively run the company’s activities. The company is based in Ridgefield and has additional offices in New York, California, Los Angeles and Ontario, Canada.

Since the company’s foundation, it has revolutionized financial solutions across the world and has helped thousands of people immensely. Southridge is always there to help if you need help with a particular debt or any other financial solution. They support you and get you back on your feet once again.


In addition to the firm’s support for people facing debts and financial challenges, Southridge Capital also manages hedge funds which are alternative investments using pooled funds that employ different strategies with the aim of achieving actual returns.

Currently Southridge capital works with tons of individuals that have debt issue or have their corporations in need of financial support. The company offers the highest level of professionalism and charge reasonable fees for every service they provide. So you will feel more secure with Southridge Capital than you necessarily would with other firms.

Southridge Capital has $47.5M in annual revenue, and the amount grows significantly every year. Also, the firm has a traffic of 1827 monthly web visitors to show that it is recognized globally as well. For more info you can visit bloomberg.com



If you have financial difficulties, then it would be a nice idea to consult with the folks at Southridge Capital. Go through the benefits that the organization offers his clients and if you feel that a deal is suitable for you, grab it. Don’t let debts stop you from making a step forward and progressing with your life when Southridge is at your disposal. You can checkout southridgeholdingsllc.com for more details.




Upwork Helps You Create A Stress-Free Work Day

Whether you are working on your own or with a team, a lengthy to-do list can be overwhelming. You may feel like the work is piling up before you even start on your first task of the day.

Marketplaces such as Upwork know how stressful the work day can be for freelancers. The company has been helping freelancers find work for many years. They allow clients to post work in categories such as proofreading, illustration and mobile design. Upwork understands that any project can feel overwhelming, and this is why the company is sharing three tips to help you create a stress-free work day.

Assigning Tasks To Team Members

Assigning tasks to your team members should be an easy part of your work day. However, you need to figure out what method works for everyone. One idea is to send out an email to every member of your team, but you need to make sure the email does not get lost in the shuffle. Another idea is to use a website such as ClickUp to assign the tasks. All you have to do is convert a simple comment to a task, and your team members can login to check their tasks for the day.

Break Up Each Task Into Sub-Tasks

Do you feel tense when you notice the amount of tasks on your to-do list? You can replace that tense feeling with motivation by breaking the tasks into sub-tasks. One example is a 400 word blog post. Your first sub-task may be to brainstorm the post, and the second sub-task may be your rough draft. The other sub-tasks may include the editing, final draft and submission.

Create Batches For Your Tasks

Stay productive by dividing your tasks into batches, such as emails, phone calls and tweets. You can start your day by responding to those six new emails, making those three phone calls and posting those five tweets for your client. It feels good to look at your to-do list and realize three of your tasks are already completed.

When you use the right organizational methods, you can reduce the stress you felt at the beginning of your work day.

Malcom CasSelle a Revolutionary of Modern Business

WAX also known as, Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a platform that was created by a company called Opskins. Opskins is a worldwide leader in the selling of in game virtual assets. What WAX actually does is fix two big problems within the market of selling, purchasing, or trading in game virtual assets. The first thing it fixes is fragmentation, which is caused by having so many in game virtual market places makes things more complicated for gamers. WAX using a blockchain widget tool makes it much easier for gamers to buy, trade, sell, or rent in game virtual assets while continuing to stay in game. Furthermore, the next problem that WAX fixes is the problem of fraud. Gamers now can purchase virtual assets without the worry of fraud and that each party will go through with their promises in transactions. Moreover, having the worlds number 1 bitcoin merchant Malcolm CasSelle as Opskins CIO and WAX’s president it certainly makes sense as to why they are a leader in the industry.

Malcom CasSelle’s Education and Start

Malcom CasSelle Is a prestigious bright individual who majored in Computer Science. He earned a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University in his major field of Computer Science. He is also bilingual and besides English he can speak Japanese and Mandarin. Furthermore, his first major position in business was a CTO at NetNoir which was one of the first companies to have a website that focused on media production. From there he went on to work in China to co-found a company known as PCCW, which is a publicly traded telecom that he eventually helped earn $ 35 billion USD for.

Malcom CasSelle’s Current career

Malcom CasSelle, again is currently the world’s number 1 bitcoin merchant, has gone on to create a great vision for the future of in game virtual assets. Under his tenure, Opskins is the top marketplace to buy or sell in game virtual items. Furthermore, he has been a CEO, CTO, or CIO of major companies like MediaPass, Xfire, and Netnoir, along with the other companies listed earlier. Malcom was also known to be an early investor in more major companies likeFacebook and Zynga. In conclusion, Malcom CasSelle has either produced or help produce many great revolutionary changes within the online market place and business.

OSI Group – Growing the American Dream beyond the Midwest

People who dine out – all of us – are OSI Group’s customers’ customer. This is an enterprise with a century-old history of passionately fulfilling all stakeholders’ needs. Holistically addressing these issues is how this company evolved from a Midwestern Mom-and-Pop shop to an international entity. Today OSI Group is one of the largest privately held enterprises according to Forbes magazine. It groomed its current president and Chief Operations Officer (COO), David McDonald, to bloom with their philosophy by placing him under the tutelage of Sheldon Lavin, chairman and CEO. As such, Mr. McDonald found one of the best ways to grow with the company; he immersed himself in operations and figuring out how to steer the organization.

This strategy was closely aligned with goal of fulfilling the all stakeholder needs – not just equity holders or customers but employees and suppliers as well. Ultimately this sometimes means change is necessary to bring about growth. OSI Group fosters relationships with its stakeholders by closely aligning its practices toward their goals like they did with McDonald’s. The COO has stated his passion for treating employees and partners, such as farms and processing plants, as a family. There is a quantitative aspect to this qualitative family approach. Without positive metrics simply being respectful and listening to stakeholder needs will not lead to success.

Clearly this enterprise is monitoring key performance indicators throughout the company, its partners and suppliers. Taking this holistic approach likely explains why OSI Group has earned so many awards for maintaining health and safety standards. OSI Group expanded beyond the Midwest to the world because of a few key philosophies. Fulfilling stakeholder needs is the route to growth. Customers are not the only stakeholders; suppliers and partners influence quality so treat them with respect. Make sure what is being done is working by measuring not only profit but also adhering to and excelling beyond industry standards. If you want to learn more about them : Click Here.

Entrepreneur William Saito Mastery On Internet Security

The internet has grown rapidly from when it used to be a means of communication by scholars and scientists to the creation of worldwide web. This medium has enabled information to be transmitted by billions of people worldwide. Most of the gadgets we use like phones, televisions and even cars are internet-enabled. Information security is very important for companies and people personally, since it would be a huge loss if data could not be protected properly.


William Saito feels that the most important role of security has not been realized. This is a disturbing issue, especially in the business world. Cybersecurity is not viewed as a priority which increases risk and internet insecurity. Hackers hence have easy access to personal data and information about companies. The seriousness that comes with building environmentally secure structures should also be implied when it comes to internet security.

The risks that come with internet insecurity include decreased productivity from the companies, blackmailing, loose of motivation from employees, lawsuits from the business partners and bad reputation. The public eventually will have mistrust in the quality of the service provided. This also causes deterioration of the internet. Internet security is a global issue which should have companies and the public collaborate against.


William Saito professional career dates back to high school when he started his company. By 1998, he had been recognized as having mastery in cybersecurity and encryption. He sold his business to Microsoft and started In Tecur in Tokyo. This is a consultancy firm which focuses on entrepreneur success, growing global talent, and technologies. He has worked for the prime minister of Japan to a council of national strategy and policy. William Saito is the Foundation board member at the World Education Forum. He is an advisor to governments worldwide, author, commentator on television and teaches at several universities.


William Saito’s book, An Unprogrammed Life anchors on data security and entrepreneurship. His background, entrepreneurial skills and successful journey in business help others who are venturing into the industry. He is determined to persist in his fight against threats to internet security and cybercrimes.

Neurocore: Furthering the science of the Brain

Neurocore: Helping our brains 1 study at a time.

Neurocore is a company that is dedicated to helping those in need. Whether you have migraine headaches every night or anxiety every morning, they will wake up with you and fight by your side to help. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Who are they?

Located in Florida and Michigan, Neurocore Brain Performance Center is a company that focuses on helping to improve the brain. They believe that the brain controls everything in your body, the way it moves and the way it feels, emotionally and physically. So any issue should be able to be addressed through the “re-training” of the brain.


Neurocore uses training programs to help re-program and re-train the brain. One way that they do that is by providing the patient with a movie to watch, and interrupting them when the patient becomes distracted. This is one method of re-training how the brain reacts.

Follow: https://twitter.com/neurocore

They also offer help that far reaches beyond the walls of their building. Every study that they do creates new information and data that can be helpful for anyone that is in a similar situation to the patients that participate in their studies. They share this information with their own Dr.s and sometimes other Drs in order to help the cause on a national level.

Neurocore is dedicated to their patients through the work that they perform every day. Neurocore’s focus is on the betterment of the brain and the furtherment of science, and we can achieve that, than society will be a happier place. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

Southridge Capital Is Truly A Solid Investment Firm

In 1996, Southridge Capital of Ridgefield, Connecticut, was founded without outsider help by Stephen M. Hicks. 22 years later, Stephen Hicks is still Southridge Capital’s one and only Chief Executive Officer; under the business veteran’s leadership, the company has collectively poured more than $1.78 billion’s worth of investments into small and medium-sized businesses experiencing rapid growth. Mr. Hicks earns returns for Southridge’s investors by allocating their capital into companies that are currently in the process of rapid, untethered growth.


Southridge Capital is a unique alternative investment firm – that’s for sure


Part of being an alternative investment firm is offering vehicles of investment that aren’t like most investment firms’ or portfolio management companies’ methods of generating returns for investors. Just like hedge funds – hedge funds are technically classified as alternative investment firms themselves, though their strategies of earning revenues from investments are far different than investment firms like Southridge Capital – alternative investment firms earn income from placing clients’ assets in risky stores of value.


Traditional investment firms, portfolio managers, financial advisors, and other professional monitors of clients’ invested assets typically place such assets in “normal” stores of value including financial instruments – bonds, stocks, options, and currencies – and commodities like gold or soybeans. You can visit southridge.com



Southridge Capital’s strategy of investing is far different from the all-too-common strategy listed above. Rather than looking towards “safe” stores of capital value like stocks, Hicks’ very own company seeks out companies undergoing rapid growth to purchase shares of ownership totaling less than 50 percent of all outstanding private shares; this keeps Southridge Capital’s management from having to actively manage the day-to-day operations of companies they invest in.


According to PR Newswire, the company also provides advice to corporations with more than 500 employees of what investments to make in their particular situations; analyzing their current performance, financial statements, and potential upgrades to make on balance sheets and income statements; how to go about merging with and acquiring other entities; restructuring their operations, stakes of ownership, and debt structures. Southridge also helps these corporations in legal disputes as overseen by Southridge’s resident corporate attorney, Henry B. Sargent, CFA, JD.



Click here: https://www.facebook.com/Southridge-Capital-118716878160402/


GoBuyside- Global Recruitment Platform

GoBuyside is a platform that was developed in the 21st century to serve globally in various mandates such as the private equity organizations and advisory platforms among others based in the New York City. Due to the expertise and proper management, the company has a competitive advantage that deals with sourcing and screening top-tier contestants. They deliver quality services since they have professionals who have qualified in their academic fields and therefore always execute tasks according to the client’s expectations. GoBuyside has remained competitive in the market when it comes to the service delivery. On average, GoBuyside serves about four hundred customers with the human needs globally. They have over ten thousand organizations all over the world that that include five hundred cities and helps different networks of talents. The company has replaced the old search models and therefore making it easy for people with different needs to hire skills internationally. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

Arjun Kapur founded GoBuyside. Kapur has proven to have significant experience in the talent industry in his execution of complex entertainment projects that cover over forty cities in America and ten others cross the world. Arjun graduated with Economics from the University of Johns Hopkins where he was formally known as Phi Beta Kappa. He later did his Master’s degree in Business administration in Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Watch: https://interview.net/an-interview-with-gobuysides-arjun-kapur/

According to financial services research all over the world, people struggle to get new talent for hire. Since the early 1990’s, the employment sector has changed a lot. Nowadays people rarely call the local talent recruitment agencies when they need to fill up gaps in organizations as opposed to the past. Job opportunities and nature have considerably evolved to become significant to the internet age. These changes have significantly influenced the job recruitments at a high rate. GoBuyside is an organization that closely monitors job trends in the finance sector and discovers new and relevant ways of talent recruitment. The company has tracking systems for the applicants as well as online job boards that are essential in filling the gaps in the evolving short-term hires. The applicants also have the opportunity to pursue their passion through their talents and abilities. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.