Robert Ivy on the Importance of Professional Organizations

Organizations are doing so much so that they can ensure that their employees are well educated about the changes that take place in the market. Most of these institutions have introduced on job training to help the workers in the course of their careers. However, so much has to be taught so that these professionals do not find themselves in trouble. There are different working positions in the market, and each requires a certain level of education and information. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

The emergence of professional societies

In the recent times, there have been thousands of professional societies such as the American Institute of Architects. According to a recent report, there are over ninety two thousand professional and trade associations based in the United States. The firms attract members of different companies from all over the world. These institutions offer educational programs and many other activities. Here are some of the reasons many people are joining professional associations.

Educational Resources

After joining any professional association, employees have access to a diverse array of data and tools that assist them to acquire better and advanced education. The information is always shared though the company newsletters, webinars and websites regularly. The content is specifically designed to meet the employee needs.


Job Hunting Help

When joining these institutions, company employees can be assured of networking activities, and this means that getting a new job is always an easy task. The career assistance acquired from these institutions is hard to get in other organizations.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy has been a key figure in the lives of many professional architects in the United States. He has been working for one of the largest professional groups in the country, popularly known as American Institute of Architects. Robert Ivy was offered the position of chief executive officer and executive vice president. While at this position, the architect has been instrumental in introducing so many changes. Ivy has also been able to secure the esteemed Noel Polk award because of his success. He marks the first architect to ever receive the award which is what sets him apart from many individuals in that arena. Apart from being an influential figure in AIA, Robert Ivy is a member of various boards of directors. His passion for literature has played a role in his career. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.