The role of Barbara Stokes’ company in offering disaster relief construction

There is the need for an immediate response in case of a disaster emergency. It serves to deal with the various needs which could take days, months or years to meet accordance with priority. In dire circumstances, Federal Emergency Management Agency comes in. It delivers important services to protect affected people where shelter providence proves to be an essential requirement.

In case of disasters that need immediate attention, urban centers are required to store essentials and install alternative energy producers such as generators and reliable fuel supplies. These are put in buildings set aside for emergency purposes. They work as shelters where people are housed for a week. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

The one week period gives time for a larger detachment of workers to be released into the affected area. Some companies are involved in such responses. FEMA has given tenders to most of these companies. They help build up houses and infrastructure again where the affected people get re-housed. One of such companies is Green Structure Homes LLC (GSH) based in Huntsville and headed by Barbara Stokes (CEO) with her husband Scott Stokes (COO).

GSH is a company that deals with disaster relief construction. It works to produce suitable temporary homes of any size which are characteristically safe and easy to access. The structure of the construction and its materials have been developed in a way that it is easy to assemble within a short time. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The houses it makes have properly developed rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. There is also efficient energy supply. These make the lives of the victims more comfortable where they are able to concentrate on re-building their society again.

Among the many responsibilities, FEMA has been charged with concerning disaster strikes, developing a plan to lessen the effect of the disaster is one of them. The experience it has gained over the past 40 years has helped it come up with such plans. Some disasters, e.g. Hurricane Katrina (which hit Louisiana) have left more than 2000 thousand people dead. It also left devastating effects that are still felt a decade later. With such construction companies like GSH, FEMA will be able to counter disasters.