Upwork Helps You Create A Stress-Free Work Day

Whether you are working on your own or with a team, a lengthy to-do list can be overwhelming. You may feel like the work is piling up before you even start on your first task of the day.

Marketplaces such as Upwork know how stressful the work day can be for freelancers. The company has been helping freelancers find work for many years. They allow clients to post work in categories such as proofreading, illustration and mobile design. Upwork understands that any project can feel overwhelming, and this is why the company is sharing three tips to help you create a stress-free work day.

Assigning Tasks To Team Members

Assigning tasks to your team members should be an easy part of your work day. However, you need to figure out what method works for everyone. One idea is to send out an email to every member of your team, but you need to make sure the email does not get lost in the shuffle. Another idea is to use a website such as ClickUp to assign the tasks. All you have to do is convert a simple comment to a task, and your team members can login to check their tasks for the day.

Break Up Each Task Into Sub-Tasks

Do you feel tense when you notice the amount of tasks on your to-do list? You can replace that tense feeling with motivation by breaking the tasks into sub-tasks. One example is a 400 word blog post. Your first sub-task may be to brainstorm the post, and the second sub-task may be your rough draft. The other sub-tasks may include the editing, final draft and submission.

Create Batches For Your Tasks

Stay productive by dividing your tasks into batches, such as emails, phone calls and tweets. You can start your day by responding to those six new emails, making those three phone calls and posting those five tweets for your client. It feels good to look at your to-do list and realize three of your tasks are already completed.

When you use the right organizational methods, you can reduce the stress you felt at the beginning of your work day.